Allianz Publicidad en TV y cine The Roof Ogilvy Paris

The Roof

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Sector Seguros
Media Publicidad en TV y cine
Mercado Francia
Agencia Ogilvy Paris
Director Matthieu Mantovani
Executive Creative Director Emmanuel Lalleve
Creative Director Thierry Chuimino
Art Director Julien Bredontiot, Alexandra Offe, Allan Huon
Copywriter Julien Bredontiot, Alexandra Offe, Chloé Lefour
Publicado junio 2017

Creditos y descripciones

Who out there has never been faced with the unexpected? Nobody. The unexpected is part of our lives. Sometimes positive, sometimes negative. So, it's a balancing act that we live by. Keeps life interesting too. From one minute to the next, manage and plan as we do. the unexpected happens. The unexpected can bring surprises that spice up our lives and create new opportunities. Or be a real show stopper. This is how Allianz looks at unforeseen events-- knowing that the unexpected happens, brings about change and this can be a positive or not so positive thing. For this reason, Allianz is asserting its existence. Embracing the unexpected and upgrading its insurance solutions so that its customers can embrace these unforeseen events too.
Original Title: L'Imprévu - Assurance Habitation
Media: TV
Category: Finance & insurance
Client: Allianz
Agency: Ogilvy Paris
Country: France
Director: Matthieu mantovani
Executive Creative Director: Emmanuel Lalleve
Creative Director: Thierry Chuimino
Art Director: Allan Huon
Copywriter: Chloé Lefour
Producer: Jean-Gabriel Saint-Paul
Copywriter / Art Director: Julien Bredontiot
Copywriter / Art Director: Alexandra Offe
Agency Producer: Aurélie Appert
Editors : LA PAC
Production Director : Hugo Mérival