Bitfury Group Publicidad en TV y cine Measured by Success The Clients

Measured by Success

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Sector TIC Soluciones
Media Publicidad en TV y cine
Mercado Rusia
Agencia The Clients
Creative Director Ivan Dergachev, Oleksandr Bozhko
Art Director Lidiya Kapysh
Agencia de production Electric Sheep Film
Director Peter Storozhenko
Publicado octubre 2018

Creditos y descripciones

Alternative title: Bitfury Clarke
Category: Professional Services
Media: Film
Agency: The Clients
Geo: Russia
Additional Info: Bitfury Group
Advertising Agency: The Clients, Moscow, Russia
Creative Directors: Ivan Dergachev, Oleksandr Bozhko
Art Director: Lidiya Kapysh
Production: Electric Sheep Film
Director: Peter Storozhenko
DOP: Nikita Kuzmenko
Executive Producer: Andrei Copots
Producer: Nikita Kukoba
Producer Asst: Sergey Voronin
1st AD: Nadia Lyudchik
Casting Director: Evjena Shtuchka
Art Director: Ivan Cherevko
Style: Svitlana Tsilyk
Make-up: Viktoria Ilyha
Editor: Yuri Reznichenko
Sound Production: Sounds Like a Plan
Music: Phil Alexandrov
Post-production: Ilustra
Executive Producer: Katerina Duda
Producer: Irina Grushevskaya
Head of Post-production / Animation: Bogdan Khimchenko
Published: September 2018
Our challenge was to launch the new 14nm mining ASIC chip on the market that's expecting 7nm chips. Yeah, it's that complicated. Customers are expecting something really small, but we delivered something better: a more powerful, more efficient and more reliable chip. Because it's not the size or the looks that matter, but the performance. Our creative idea was to compare complicated tech with people. Because when you are hiring, you don't look at gender, sex preferences, age or shirt size. You're looking at how good they are at what they do. That's what matters most.