Chevrolet Publicidad en TV y cine The Meticulous Grandpa Cheil Seoul

The Meticulous Grandpa

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Sector Coches
Media Publicidad en TV y cine
Mercado Corea del Sur
Agencia Cheil Seoul
Chief Creative Officer Wain Choi
Creative Director Jaehyuk Jang
Art Director Changyun Baek, Anna Ohlsson, Sunyoung Cho
Copywriter Eugene Park, Young Chul Choi, Jungwook Kim
Publicado marzo 2017


Spikes Asia 2017
Film Cars & Automotive Products & Services Silver Spike

Creditos y descripciones

Client: Gm Korea
Agency: Cheil Worldwide Seoul, South Korea
Entrant: Cheil Worldwide Seoul, South Korea
Idea Creation: Cheil Worldwide Seoul, South Korea
Media Placement: Cheil Worldwide Seoul, South Korea
Pr: Cheil Worldwide Seoul, South Korea
Chief Creative Officer: Wain Choi (Cheil Worldwide)
Creative Director: Jaehyuk Jang (Cheil Worldwide)
Art Director: Changyun Baek (Cheil Worldwide)
Art Director: Sunyoung Cho (Cheil Worldwide)
Art Director: Anna Oh (Cheil Worldwide)
Copywriter: Eugene Park (Cheil Worldwide)
Copywriter: Jungwook Kim (Cheil Worldwide)
Copywriter: Young Choi (Cheil Worldwide)
Account Director: Joohwan Kim (Cheil Worldwide)
Account Executive: Eunji Kim (Cheil Worldwide)
Account Executive: Sungchul Park (Cheil Worldwide)
Account Executive: Kibum Kwon (Cheil Worldwide)
Brief Explanation
In 2017, The Next Spark faced a big challenge as the main competitor’s full changed model was launched.
We found our opportunity in Spark’s safety. We discovered that consumers easily put off safety when buying their own cars but when purchasing cars for their loved ones (wives or children), they prioritize safety. Based on this consumer insight, we could develop a story of our hero, a fastidious old man, who buys a mini car.
In the story, our hero visits the Chevrolet retail store almost everyday to learn how safe and reliable the Spark is. At the end, the twist is revealed that the hero was only choosing the car strictly as it was a gift for his granddaughter. Here, we wanted to deliver a message that you must choose mini cars with proven safety because the ones dearest to you will drive it.