Dove Publicidad en TV y cine Real Beauty ID Adk Tokyo

Real Beauty ID

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Sector Jabón
Media Publicidad en TV y cine
Mercado Japón
Agencia Adk Tokyo
Publicado abril 2018

Creditos y descripciones

Media: Interactive
Category: Cosmetics & toiletries
Client: Dove
Agency: ADK Tokyo
Country: Japan
Published: March 2018
Every girl deserves to feel beautiful.
Dove, via their agency ADK Tokyo, has released an experimental video "Real Beauty ID" in Japan for school girls to find their own beauty. Dove initially launched the Dove Self esteem project in 2004 to help teenagers become aware of their own beauty and enhance their self-esteem. The campaign is designed to help girls realize their own true beauty, by seeing themselves through the eyes of their friends. Dove captured their reactions as the girls listened to their friends describe them and used those photos to replace their student ID cards. The result was photos that showed their confidence and true beauty shining through. Through this campaign, Dove aims to support young people in all over Japan to build self esteem and body confidence.