ESPN Publicidad en TV y cine, Digital, Publicidad impresa The Mark Gonzales Ride

The Mark Gonzales Ride

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Sector Ropa de deporte, TV/Radio Programas
Media Publicidad en TV y cine, Digital, Ambiente media
Mercado Estados Unidos
Agencia de production Process USA
Publicado diciembre 2015

Creditos y descripciones

Process, a NYC-based film and branded content production company, recently collaborated with Adidas and ESPN Films to create “Pioneers,” a series of three cinematic short documentary films. Each film highlights a professional sports figure and debuts today on with The Mark Gonzalez Ride, here, directed by Marah Strauch (Sunshine Superman).
Client: Adidas and ESPN
The Mark Gonzalez Ride
Directed by Marah Strauch
Produced by Amalia Bradstreet
Executive Producer Tim Perell
Associate Producer Hannah shore
Director of Photography Vasco Nunes
Editor Eric Bruggemann
Composer Mike Sawitzke
Cast Mark Gonzales
Spike Jonze
Nestor Judkins
Natas Kaupas
Raymond Pettibon
Ed Templeton
Production Manager Ingela Travers-Hayward
1st AC Michael Swaigen
DIT Aaron Snow
Gaffer Brian McCann
Key Grips Gordon Christmas
Nelson Mestril
Sound Mixer Colin Alexander
Production Assistants Hans Kulla-Mader
Raiysa Epps
Los Angeles Crew
Production Manager John Lang
1st AC Luigi Ventura
DIT Darren Roark
Gaffer Kee Sun Kyung
Key Grip Andrew Parrote
Sound Mixer John Maynard
Production Assistants Max Hollingshead
Louis Weissman
Post Production
Sound Post Facility Fall on Your Sword
Supervising Producer George Dellinger
Sound Designer Rich Bologna
Archival Researcher Sheila Maniar
Color Correct Facility Senior Post
Executive Producer Josh Senior
Supervising Producer Melissa Balan
Colorist Alan Gordon
Video Conversion Facility Different by Design
Conversion Specialist Matt Radecki
Archival Corbis
Deluxe Distribution
Brad Dorfman
Cheryl Dunn
Dwindle Distribution
Tommy Guerrero
Kamil Krzesniak
Aaron Meza
Damon Thorley
Photo Stills Grant Brittain
Skin Phillips
Stills of Non Stop Poetry from The collection of Phil and Shelley Aarons
Original Artwork provided by Mark Gonzales and Muhammad Ali
Special Thanks Tia Romano Gonzales
Bod Boyle
Ryan Clements
Rick Charnoski
Mörizen Föche
Keith Gray
Joseph Guillette
Kazumi Asamura Hayashi
Don Hoffman
Kevin McGuinness
Buddy Nichols
Emma Reeves
Jim Theibaud
Dan Wolfe
Executive Producers John Dahl
Libby Geist
Erin Leyden
Connor Schell
Producer Shaun Alperin
Production Assistants Michael Huberman
Paul Williard
Production Managers Maria Delgado
Tom Picard
Jennifer Thorpe
Additional Production Support Roger Jackson
Michael Newman
Heather Scheer
Shelley Tabor
Executive Vice President, Global Strategy and Original Content Marie Donoghue