FiberTel Publicidad en TV y cine Mother Don


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Sector Telecomunicaciones
Media Publicidad en TV y cine
Mercado Argentina
Agencia Don
Art Director Mariano Gamba
Publicado junio 2014


FIAP 2015
Televisión/Cine Campañas Servicios Sol de Plata

Creditos y descripciones

Brand: Fibertel
Media: TV
Category: Electronics & Technology
Agency: Don
Geo: Argentina
Fibertel: Mother
Advertising Agency: Don, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Eecutive Creative Directors: Gonzalo Ricca, Papon Ricciarelli
Creative Directors: Gonzalo Ricca, Papon Ricciarelli, Rodrigo Greco, Mariano Gamba
Art Director: Mariano Gamba
Copywriters: Gonzalo Ricca, Rodrigo Greco, Gus Lema
Additional credits: Andres Salmoyraghi / Rebolucion
Published: June 2014

Título: Amigos no tan Amigos
Agência: Don
Anunciante: Fibertel
Diretor de criação: Rodrigo Greco / Mariano Gamba
Produtor da agência: Carlos Cavaciocchi
Fotografia: -
Redator: Ratio
Diretor de arte: Hetu Negri / Diogo Montecarlo
Sinopse: The objective of the campaign is that we all become aware, during the Friend's month, of the fact that on the Internet we have all our contacts as if they were Friends, but they are not, because true real friends are just a few special ones. The campaign focuses on recovering the value of real friendship by greeting and calling them "friend" only to those who will always be by your side without expecting nothing in return, setting them apart from relatives, those one-night-out contacts, etc.