Asociacion Mexicana De Instituciones De Seguros / AMIS Publicidad en TV y cine DISCUSSION Ogilvy & Mather Mexico


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Sector Seguros
Media Publicidad en TV y cine
Mercado México
Agencia Ogilvy & Mather Mexico
Director Rodrigo García Saiz
Creative Director Alejandro Gama
Art Director Raul Rivera, Alejandro Gama, Juan Carlos Meza
Copywriter Alejandro Gama
Producer Blanca Moreno
Editor Jorge Hernandez
Agencia de production Central Films
Publicado mayo 2013


Cannes Lions 2013
Film Lions Product & Service; Banking, Investment & Insurance Bronze

Creditos y descripciones

Type of entry: Product & Service
Category: Banking, Investment & Insurance
Advertiser: AMIS
Agency: OGILVY & MATHER Mexico City, MEXICO

Chief Creative Officer: Miguel Angel Ruiz
Creative Director: Raúl Rivera/Alejandro Gama/Carlos Meza
Copywriter: Raúl Rivera/Alejandro Gama/Carlos Meza
Art Director: Raúl Rivera/Alejandro Gama/Carlos Meza
Agency Producer: Juan Pablo Osio
Producer: Blanca Moreno
Director: Rodrigo García
Editor: Jorge Hernandez
Sound Design/Arrangement: Bernardo Bravo
Post Production: Central Films/Mercenario
Account Manager: Miguel Velázquez
Cinematographer: Rodrigo Mariña
Editing Company: Central Films

Brief Explanation
The ad begins with a couple having an argument in their living room. The woman is angry and the man is trying to work things out.

Suddenly, everything around the man crashes: the couch, the living room tables, vases, cushions, lamps, ornaments, etc.; everything goes out flying while the woman just sits on the other couch seemingly unaffected. The man lies on the couch, not moving.

Then, the woman realizes something has happened - she asks "hello?" exactly the same way someone would over the telephone.

1 out of 5 car accidents happen from using a mobile while driving. If you drive, just drive.