Unlimited Future Wieden + Kennedy Portland para Nike

Unlimited Future

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Sector Ropa de deporte
Media Publicidad en TV y cine
Mercado Estados Unidos
Agencia Wieden + Kennedy Portland
Creative Director Ryan O'rourke, Alberto Ponte
Art Director Pedro Izique
Copywriter Josh Bogdan
Producer William Green
Editor Eric Zumbrunnen - Final Cut
Agencia de production Superprime Films
Director Damien Chazelle
Publicado julio 2016


Cannes Lions 2017
Film TV / Cinema Film: Clothing, Footwear & Accessories Bronze Lion

Creditos y descripciones

Wieden + Kennedy, Portland has released this spot for Nike because champions weren't born champions. They were born babies.
Media: TV
Category: Sportswear
Client: Nike
Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Portland
Country: United States of America
Production: Superprime Films
Country: United States of America
Director: Damien Chazelle
Creative Director: Ryan O'Rourke
Creative Director: Alberto Ponte
Art Director: Pedro Izique
Copywriter: Josh Bogdan
Producer: William Green
Exec Agency Producer: Matt Hunnicutt
DoP: Rodrigo Prieto
Sound: Barking Owl
Agency Producer: Erin Goodsell
Editor: Eric Zumbrunnen
Music: Santigold
Starring Bobby Cannavale
Head Of Production: Jennifer Locke (Exile)
Sound Design: Michael Anastasi (Barking Owl)
Producer: Ashley Benton (Barking Owl)
Global Creative Director: Alberto Ponte (Wieden + Kennedy)
Global Creative Director: Ryan Orourke (Wieden + Kennedy)
Interactive Director: Dan Viens (Wieden + Kennedy)
Copywriter: Josh Bogdan (Wieden + Kennedy)
Art Director: Pedro Izique (Wieden + Kennedy)
Editor Team: Dusten Silverman (Exile)
Editor Team: Eric Zumbrunnen (Exile)
Strategic Planning Team: Andy Lindblade (Wieden + Kennedy)
Strategic Planning Team: Brandon Thorton (Wieden + Kennedy)
Strategic Planning Team: Nathan Goldberg (Wieden + Kennedy)
Strategic Planning Team: Reid Schilperoort (Wieden + Kennedy)
Media Planning Team: Brian Goldstein (Wieden + Kennedy)
Media Planning Team: Daniel Sheniak (Wieden + Kennedy)
Media Planning Team: Jocelyn Reist (Wieden + Kennedy)
Media Planning Team: John Furnari (Wieden + Kennedy)
Colourist: Adam Scott (The Mill)
Account Management Team: Alyssa Ramsey (Wieden + Kennedy)
Account Management Team: Anna Boteva (Wieden + Kennedy)
Account Management Team: Carly Williamson (Wieden + Kennedy)
Account Management Team: Chris Willingham (Wieden + Kennedy)
Account Management Team: Corey Woodson (Wieden + Kennedy)
Agency Producers: Erin Goodsell (Wieden + Kennedy)
Agency Producers: Matt Hunnicutt (Wieden + Kennedy)
Studio Design Team: Alicia Kuna (Wieden + Kennedy)
Studio Design Team: Edgar Morales (Wieden + Kennedy)
Director: Damien Chazelle (Superprime)
Production Team: Rebecca Skinner (Superprime)
Production Team: Roger Zorovich (Superprime)
Production Team: William Green (Superprime)
Director Of Photography: Rodrigo Prieto (Superprime)
Production Designer: Melanie Jones (Superprime)
Post Producer: Brittany Carson (Exile)
Post Producer: Carol Lynn Weaver (Exile)
2d Artists: Adam Lambert (The Mill)
2d Artists: Jason Bergman (The Mill)
2d Artists: Joy Tiernan (The Mill)
Matte Painting: Rasha Shalaby (The Mill)
Vfx Team: Alex Bader (The Mill)
Vfx Team: Enca Kaul (The Mill)
Vfx Team: Samantha Hernandez (The Mill)
Shoot Supervisor: Phil Crowe (The Mill)
Shoot Supervisor: Tim Rudgard (The Mill)
Producers: Diane Valera (The Mill)
Producers: Thatcher Peterson (The Mill)
Composer: John Nau (Beacon Street Studios)
Executive Producer: Adrea Lavezzoli (Beacon Street Studios)
Composer: Frederic Chopin (Walker)
Creative Director: Kelly Fuller Bayett (Barking Owl)
Audio Team: Ben Tomastik (Lime Studios)
Audio Team: Rohan Young (Lime Studios)
Entry Summary:
The irony of the Olympics has long been that a global celebration of movement and physical achievement ends up turning so many of us into passive spectators. And while the Games can drive spikes in interest, the fact remains that participation in sport is turning more and more into an us (regular people watching) and them (athletes doing) proposition. So in the run-up to the Games, Nike wanted to focus on a starting line we all could relate to (we’re all born babies, after all) in the hope that people would see sport as not about who you are but what you become.?
It’s a calm, cozy day in a nursery full of cooing babies. A soft lullaby plays on the radio. A man in a suit walks into the room, all business. He turns off the music. “Listen up, babies!” he says. He now has their full attention. He talks as if he’s giving a motivational speech to serious-minded adults, not infants. “Life’s not fair. You get no say in the world you’re born into.” As he walks around the room we notice name tags on the cribs. There is a young LeBron James, a young Serena Williams, Mo Farah, and Neymar. He closes with this line: “You don’t decide how your story begins, but you do get to decide how it ends.” A baby stands in his crib. He totally got the message. The man points to the standing baby and yells a triumphant “Yes!”