Orange Publicidad en TV y cine The Office Publicis Conseil Paris

The Office

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Sector Publicaciones
Media Publicidad en TV y cine
Mercado Francia
Agencia Publicis Conseil Paris
Executive Creative Director Fabrice Delacourt, Olivier Desmettre
Art Director Jean-Marc Tramoni
Copywriter Marc Rosier
Producer Raphaël Carassic
AD assistant Lucie Puybonnieux
Agencia de production BIG
Director Martín Kalina
Agencia de production Prodigious
Publicado octubre 2017

Creditos y descripciones

Annonceur : Orange
Communication Director : Gaëlle Le Vu
Commercial communication and creative director : Quentin Delobelle
Creation director : Annabel Salesa
Production : Laurence Poucan
Agency: Publicis Conseil
Executive Creative Directors : Fabrice Delacourt / Olivier Desmettre
Account Managers : Marie Wallet / Anne Dauvé / Emilie Jeanneau / Sherelle Ramire
Strategic Planner : Damien Sabatier
Copywriter : Marc Rosier
Art Director : Jean-Marc Tramoni
AD Assistant : Lucie Puybonnieux
Film Production
TV Production (Prodigious) Pierre Marcus / Benjamin Auberdiac
Post – Production (Prodigious) : Pierre-Arthur Goulet
Production Company : BIG
Producer : Raphaël Carassic
Line producer : Nicolas Avram
Director : Martin Kalina
Director of photography : Christophe Beaucarne Editing : Delphine Genest
Color Grading : Didier Lefouest
Sound Production : Prodigious / Joël Tessonneau
Musicale Composition : The Bangles “Walk like an Egyptian” Length of the films : 20”
Digital films
Copywriter: Vincent Cusenier
Art Director: Lucie Vallotton / Aurélie Breton
AD Assistant : Alexandre Perdereaux
Film Production
TV Production (Prodigious): Pierre Marcus, Benjamin Auberdiac
Post – Production (Prodigious): Betty Bertrand
Production Company : Henry
Producer : Jean-Luc Bergeron
Director: Benjamin Parent
Sound production : Joel Tessonneau Length of the films: 20”
Media Plan: TVC, digital, print, billboard
Orange continues to tell its story with Publicis Conseil and launches a new campaign based on its wide content offer.
With the richness of content available on Orange, you will no longer be the spoiled but the spoiler.
Nowadays, trying to avoid spoilers is a real nightmare.
Not a chat with friends without talking about the latest TV series, or be proud to found the hottest new thing that you absolutely have to watch/listen/read before anyone else does.
With this new speaking, the brand aims to show that thanks to the richness of content available on Orange TV, the whole family can now find what they are looking for and be up to date before anyone else, with access to the latest TV series/show, newest films and biggest sporting events.
The new campaign launches/ has been launched on TV at the end of September with three films made by Martin Kalina, where the mother of the Orange family takes advantage of the power to spoil thanks to Orange TV.
The campaign then rolls out with the other members of the family on digital channels and billboards, in the press and at/on points of sale, promoting the current Canal + Essential offer at €14.90/month without engagement, exclusively for Orange Fibre Broadband customers.
Two new films about the power to spoil will launch from the 5th October on digital channels, with the daughter and father of the family taking centre stage.