Skoda Publicidad en TV y cine The Superpower Of Shoulder-Shaking Dance : CoinciDance Music Video Publicis Taipei

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The Superpower Of Shoulder-Shaking Dance : CoinciDance Music Video

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Sector Coches
Media Publicidad en TV y cine
Mercado Taiwán
Agencia Publicis Taipei
Creative Director Victor Ting, Uilin WANG
Agencia de production Redbit Pictures Taipei City
Director Bang Yao LIU
Publicado marzo 2018


Clio Awards 2018
Film Technique (Music - Adapted) Product/Service: Music - Adapted Bronze

Creditos y descripciones

Production Company Redbit Pictures
Advertiser Brand ŠKODA
Media Agency PHD
Sports Marketing Erics Sport Marketing
Advertising Agency Publicis Taiwan
Marketing Company Teamred Taipei
Dance Organization Taiwan Street Dance Art organization
Creative Director Victor Ting
Creative Director Bang Yao LIU
Creative Director Uilin WANG
Director Bang Yao LIU
ŠKODA formally entered the Taiwan market in 2015. After more than 2 years of promotion and operation, the brand has gradually raised its awareness among young males. However, its market share in Taiwan, which was 15 %, had begun to flatten. As a distant, mysterious European brand, ŠKODA desperately needed to ramp up brand awareness and seize attention by winning hearts, manufacturing traction for the ŠKODA brand and concretizing emotional connections with its target audience. We sought to empower more people to get to know ŠKODA, and also regard the brand as the first European car of choice. How to sow brand awareness and build up the top of choice for Taiwanese would be the objectives of the campaign.

Underpinning the “CoinciDance” idea, we channeled energy from the popular video “CoinciDance”, which was created by the Handsome YouTube duo from New York, “Chi Chi and Choo Choo”. In 2017, “CoinciDance” attracted many Taiwanese and influencers to imitate and show their own “CoinciDance” on Facebook, even though the pair had never visited Taiwan. Rectifying this, we invited the originators, Handsome Dancer to Taiwan to leverage their eye catching and irresistible “shoulder-shaking dance” as the mechanism to engage our audience, spreading ŠKODA’S electrifying brand image and revving up consumers’ hearts and minds.

Since our video enjoyed the highest penetration among our audience in terms of their digital behavior, we adopted a series of video edits to ensure continuous interest, attention and excitement. We broadened the approach via the biggest platforms of the 3 domains, including Facebook, YouTube and Yahoo, to boost the awareness in a natural and seamless way.

Transforming “CoinciDance” music videos into “SKODA CoinciDance” and unfolding across various popular digital media, created booming buzz and successfully drove the “SKODA CoinciDance” campaign. The launch times of the 5 viral videos were posted strategically one by one to amass awareness of SKODA Taiwan’s Facebook fanpage. Facebook is the most popular social platform in Taiwan, so it was important to get this right to make sharing and commenting easier. Moreover, we placed the videos on YouTube, Yahoo’s homepage, the biggest portal site in Taiwan, and on different channels of Yahoo to reach the maximum number of netizens.

“SKODA CoinciDance” swept across Taiwan. By tapping into a growing cultural phenomenon, we reached roughly 60% of the population and embed ourselves as the brand of choice for car buyers.

Surpassed all metrics for any previous brand campaign:

1.Triggered a jaw-dropping 23,600 comments in 4 weeks (a new comment every 90 seconds)

2.Won over 1/2 populations views– leading to multiple YouTube awards

3.Sales of ŠKODA Rapid Spaceback spiked with a four-fold leap, a new monthly sales record without significant increase in media investment.

4.Taiwanese instantly associate “CoinciDance”with ŠKODA – people are even trying to remake our video!

5.Earned media from 12 news channels in Taiwan to around the world including ŠKODA’s home nation – Czech Republic

The music video has been quickly snapped up by every karaoke chain, one of Taiwan’s most popular and revered pastimes. Taiwanese can continue singing and dancing to the rhythm of SKODA!

5 phases of viral video for the campaign:

1.Teaser (Nov.30): Leveraged the surprise video on Facebook before the flash mob.

2.Flash mob (Dec 2nd) Video (Dec 8th): Held in Taipei to capture the public’s attention, then record and edit as one of the viral videos.

3.SKODA MV (Dec 14th): Kept the excitement accelerating with the music video. Seamlessly sprinkled in ŠKODA driving scenes from famously emotive Taiwanese locales.

4.Tutorial Video (Dec 21st): We reformatted for another burst of activity with the tutorial video.

The four videos were sequentially posted to strategically amass awareness of and create buzz for Škoda’s Facebook fanpage, on YouTube to attract video lovers, and on Yahoo, the biggest portal site in Taiwan, and its diverse channels to optimally reach netizens.

5.Bonus Scene (Jan 4th): Shot at iconic landmarks and nestled on YouTube and Facebook, to further garner audience attention.

Campaign Description
We ascertained that people tend to gravitate toward those who share their same philosophy. Clever appreciates clever. There is an unspoken moment when no language is needed, yet people feel connected to each other, called “Coincidence”. Although ŠKODA was not a household name in Taiwan, from the SKODA driving clubs, we uncovered that ŠKODA drivers recognise each other’s superb taste in automobiles with a surreptitious wink or nod. They are a special group who have coinciding taste in cars and inherently understand ŠKODA’s refined characteristics. Meanwhile, we identified that ŠKODA’s “Simply Clever” tag-line created a fortuitous play on words with the Taiwanese word for dance. By using these commonalities, we were able to connect with our target audience and begin building long-term relationships.

Instead of mentioning traditional claims that “Skoda stands out from all other cars”, we enabled consumers to stand out with the engaging idea of “Coincidence+Dance = CoinciDance”.