Tramontina Publicidad en TV y cine EP03: Cleaning Saga J. Walter Thompson Sao Paulo

EP03: Cleaning Saga

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Sector Hogar y Mascotas
Media Publicidad en TV y cine
Mercado Brasil
Agencia J. Walter Thompson Sao Paulo
Chief Creative Officer Ricardo John
Executive Creative Director Humberto Fernandez
Creative Director Mariana Borga, Diego Wortmann
Art Director André Mezzomo
Copywriter Rodrigo Rocha
Publicado enero 2018

Creditos y descripciones

Media: Web Film
Category: Home appliances & furnishings
Client: Tramontina
Agency: J. Walter Thompson Brazil
Production: Tramontina Barbecue
Country: Brazil
Director: Rafael Grampá
Director: Cadu Macedo
Chief Creative Officer: Ricardo John
Executive Creative Director: Humberto Fernandez
Creative Director: Diego Wortmann
Creative Director: Mariana Borga
Art Director: André Mezzomo
Copywriter: Rodrigo Rocha
Production company: Handquarters
DoP: Paulo Zaracla
Music + Sound Production: Croacia
Master of Churrasco is a mythical entity of the barbecue. A hero that appears to assist every time someone is about to disrespect the most sacred of the culinary rituals.
Tales of the Master of Churrasco is a comic book saga in five episodes that offers Internet videos with the teachings of the Master using a language that combines both worlds: story books and real world interventions with elements of grilling and Tramontina products.
In the comic strips, the Master shares his knowledge about one of the main cultural expressions of the country, such as the process of sharpening a knife, dosing the course salt, and controlling the flames. To create the comic strip, the brand went after the master in comic books, Rafael Grampá, one of the most renowned comic book artists in Brazil, winner of the Eisner Award, the Oscars of international comic books.