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3M is an American innovative-production company with $30 billion in annual sales, producing a wide range of various goods for office and home – scotch, stickers, adhesive ribbons, notepads, optic disks, cables, wired, passive fire protections, laminates, polish, wax, car shampoo, treatment for the exterior and interior and others. 3М owns several famous trademarks like Scotch (adhesive ribbons) and Post-it (bright colored paper pads).

History of 3M

The history started in 1902 in Two Harbors (Minnesota, U.S.). Today the headquarters of the company is located in Maplewood, Minnesota, a suburb of St. Paul. The company was founded by 5 people - Henry Bryan, Hermon Cable, John Dwan, William McGonagle and Danley Budd.

Originally the company was called Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, and its activities were mostly concentrated on mining corundum. In 1925 a Scotch product appeared on the market. The thing was invented by a young lab guy Richard Drew to protect parts of the cars that were not to be polished or painted. Soon it became very popular and in 1930 the thing was patented.

At first the scotch was paper-based, later it was improved with the use of cellophane tape that allowed to expand the sphere of its application.

Still the most famous product remains Post–it Pads. During some researches for improving the existing Scotch the company specialist made glue that did not get absorbed into the surface and at first sight seemed useless. However, some years later another colleague accidentally found the area of application for such glue - to put it on small pieces of paper to stick them to book pages not the lose a certain page in the book. Thus, paper with a sticky edge was born and in 1980 was officially introduced to the market. The product became a hit. It became so popular and was in such a great demand that Crysler president and general directors of other companies of Fortune 500 sent a letter of gratitude to 3M company to thank for the product.

Advertising and Interesting Facts

The Company’s original name, Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Сompany, was changed to 3M when the company redirected its focus to innovative new products. Since then it has never stopped inventing things and continues this work now.

Wolff Olins agency, working in brand consulting industry, offered to keep the original logo to preserve association with the precious experience of the company. However, in addition, a Triangle was chosen as the center of the company’s new identica.

In 1995 3M company was awarded an American national prize – the National Medal in Technology.

Before 2012 3M had been listed among the three most innovative companies of the world, an awardee for leadership in manufacturing products acknowledged all over the world and awarded various honors including Red DotDesign Award.