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The French multinational corporation, Danone is one of the largest and leading food products brand headquartered in Paris. Danone has its business segmented into four different business enterprise and food products which include Early Life Nutrition, Fresh Dairy products, Medical Nutrition as well as Waters. Danone branded food products are present in more than 130 global markets. The brand was worth $10.6 billion in 2016.

History of Danone

The Danone brand and company was originally founded in Spain (Barcelona) in 1919 as a yogurt producing factory by a Jew (Sephardic) from the Carasso family of Salonika, Ottoman Empire. Isaac Carasso had his small company named Danone after his son, Daniel Carasso.

Ten years later, the company migrated to France from Barcelona and founded The Danone yogurt factory. During the German invasion the factory had to be moved to the United States (New York) because of Daniel Carasso's Jewish faith.

In New York, Danone saw a rebrand into a much more American-sounding “Dannon” having partnered with Juan Metzger (a Swiss-born Spanish). Daniel Carasso, however, returned to Paris in 1951 to manage his family's Spain and France-based businesses. In 1959 the American business was sold to Beatrice Foods (it was repurchased by Danone in 1981).

Danone's main competitors are Nestle, Lactalis, Arla Foods, Dean Foods, and Friesland Campina, etc. Despite the stiff competition, Danone has remained the world leading brand when it comes to dairy products.

Advertising and Interesting Facts

Danone ads campaign has always contained some creative and engaging ads which mostly show excellent images of Danone dairy and food products.

Some of the most interesting Danone video commercials includes the Danone Actimel – “Good Bacteria” ad, the “Activia Summer - Activia Danone” ad as well as the Danone TVC “The Bodyguards” commercial.

The corporate logo shows a young boy looking up at a star in the cloud. This young figure is actually a representation of Daniel, who was the son of Isaac Carasso, the main founder the Danone Company.

Danone makes use of short, few seconds but colorful and compelling video ads that are effective with the target audience.

Danone has a French slogan “Quiero Danone, dame Danone!” which translates as ”Danone, Danone gimme!” in English.

At the annual results conference in 2016, Danone's CEO Cecile Cabanis announced that the company would be cutting $1 billion expenditure, especially in its advertising budget. Danone also announced a net sale of over $4.2 million which represented a 9% increase in net sales from 2015.

Danone announced a revenue of $24.85 billion with $1.42 profit in 2016. Thanks to Danone's effective advertising and promotional campaign, the brand remains one of the top food product brands, featuring at number 283 on Forbes list of the Global 2000 brands (2016).

Danone won the “WorldStar Packaging Awards” in 2017, “Global Shared Value Award” in 2016 and much more.