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Christian Dior SE is better known as Dior. It produces luxury goods. The company is controlled by Bernard Arnault, the head of LVMH. Dior is headquartered in Paris, France.

History of Dior

The history of this brand started in France in 1946. Christian Dior who was financially backed by Marcel Boussac opened a couture house. The first fashion collection by Dior was launched in 1947. It was named as “New Look”.

In 1948 Christian Dior Parfums was established. Their revolutionary fragrance titled as Miss Dior parfum was named after Catherine Dior. She was the sister of Christian Dior.

The company used to own an art gallery. It was only open for a few years but the gallery handled works by many famous artists including Pablo Picasso.

When Christian Dior boutique was opened in New York in 1949 the House started its global expansion. Its revenue amounted up to €41.6 billion in 2016.

The logo of Dior is a simple wordmark which features the name of the brand. It uses the Nicolas Cochin font family. This symbol stands for such aspects as luxury, glamour and prestige. The colors used are black and white.

Dior is best known for its worldwide slogan “Be iconic.”

Advertising and Interesting Facts

Christian Dior SE ads budget was €13 million in 2016.

The majority of the company’s commercials show atmosphere of luxury. One of such campaigns is titled “J’adore”. It shows Charlize Theron who tries to break out of the ordinary world to a better place.

Another series of ads consists of prints made by a photographer Maria Grazia Chiuri. This campaign captures the complicity and complexity of twin models Ruth and May Bell.

A well-known actress of Dior commercials is Jennifer Lawrence. She even became a face and ambassador for the brand in 2012.

Christian Dior once employed Yves Saint Laurent as a design assistant when he was 19 year old. They worked together until Yves Saint Laurent’s conscription into the army.

The company partners with a lot of stars, models and singers. Among them are:
Carla Bruni
Milla Jovovich
Sharon Stone
Monica Bellucci
Jude Law

Dior is the sponsor of The Princess Grace Foundation. The company also supported W magazine’s online Fashion on Film festival. In addition, they sponsor Guggenheim International Gala.

The company was awarded at Academy Awards in 1953 for the Best Costume Design. Dior was also given the first prize at BAFTA Awards in 1966 for the Best British Costume. In addition, it came in top place at César Awards in France, 1986.