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Facebook is the world largest social network platform today. The social media giant has experienced a tremendous rise in the number of its active users. Since Facebook launch in 2004 over 1.9 billion people use it every month. Facebook has such subsidiaries as WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger and Oculus VR.

History of Facebook

Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin, his college roommate from Harvard University in U.S. They first launched their project in 2004. Today Facebook is headquartered in located in Menlo Park, California. Mark Zuckerberg works as the CEO of the company.

Facebook stock price was estimated at $150.24 billion in 2017. The Company's profit was around $8 billion in 2016. The Facebook revenue was $27.638 billion in 2016.

The original logo of Facebook has not changed a lot with the exception of shades. It is a rectangular shape with the network’s name inside. It includes a blue background and a white font.

Advertising and Interesting facts

In contrast to popular belief Facebook uses traditional methods to promote and market itself. Facebook ads are shown in many countries. Their campaigns include TV commercials, online decisions and billboard ads. Facebook ads budget was about $135 million in 2014.

Among Facebook competitors are Apple, Microsoft, Google.

Facebook has won "Best Overall Startup or Product" by Crunchies Awards. The company has been awarded with "Best design." It also was given a prize by Webby Awards for "People's Special Achievement for Social Change" in 2012.

Facebook does not sponsor companies directly in a traditional way. The platform offers online decisions to support business, events and projects. The majority of modern companies and celebrities run campaigns on Facebook.

The company also cooperates with police if a user is suspected. Facebook also partners with over 500 schools and universities all over the world. Recently the platform partnered with LiveNation.