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The company is known as Hermès International S.A, Hermes of Paris or just Hermès. It produces fashion luxury goods. Hermès’ specialization is accessories, perfumes, jewellery and leather items.

History of Hermès

The company was established in 1837 and had gone through different eras during its history. Thierry Hermès opened a harness workshop in the Grands Boulevards quarter of Paris. His son Charles-Émile Hermès moved the workshop to 24 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré in 1880. Later Hermès’ opened shops in the U.S.

After an era of decay the company expanded the range of the goods produced. For example, today Hermès also makes ready-to-wear apparel collections. Hermès’ revenue totaled at $5.37 billion in 2016.

The company’s logo appeared in 1950s. It was a schematic image of a Horse-Drawn Carriage. The logo is still being used in an orange colour and bears “Hermès Paris” signature. The most noticeable slogan which belongs to this company is "You Dream It Up, Hermès Makes It Happen".

Advertising and Interesting Facts

Hermès spends a big share of its money on advertising. Their advertising budget reached $70 million in 2016. Forbes has highlighted that the company takes an interesting approach to the on-line content.

They have created a pop-up virtual store illustrated in a typical Hermès style. In fact it is a big house with a lot of characters. It is a playful idea which stimulates visitors to buy more and enjoy this process.

Numerous TV commercials are made for Hermès. One of the unusual videos started with "She's walking, and walking, and walking…" introduction. Then people could see woman’s legs walking along during the whole ad. It was made to show how much a woman walks and that it is not that tiring with Hermès’ shoes.

In general, Hermès prefers stylish commercials. One of their perfume ads was made in golden shades with a young man showing his body off.

Hermès collaborated with Apple Inc. in 2015. The companies teamed up to produce Apple Watch Hermès. Hermès Foundation was started in 2008. It gathers sponsorship activities. They launched the Emile Hermès Prize which rewards innovative design projects.

One of the earliest prizes was awarded to Hermès in 1855 and again in 1867. In those early days the company was awarded at Expositions Universelles in Paris for the quality of its goods.

Unexpectedly the Paris store on rue de Sèvres has a café inside as well as a bookshop. Plus, Hermès was the pioneer of eCommerce in 2001.