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International Business Machines is an American electronic corporation, one of the huge manufacturers of all types of computers and software and a great provider of global information networks. It takes up the 6th line in the list of the world’s biggest companies.

History of IBM

The International Business Machines is a technological company with activities in about 180 countries. Its headquarters is located in Armonk, New York, United States. IBM produces and sells middleware, computer hardware, software, offers consulting services in areas of mainframe computers, nanotechnology.

The company traces its origin from 1911 as the Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company, later it was renamed as "International Business Machines".

IBM developed the automated teller machine, the floppy disk, the PC, the hard disk drive, the relational database, the magnetic stripe card, dynamic random-access memory, the SQL programming language.

IBM has gradually shifted its business mix ocusing on more profitable markets. The company sold a part of its business to a Lexmark printer manufacturer in 1991 and sold off its personal computer (ThinkPad/ThinkCentre) and x86-based server businesses to Lenovo (2005 and 2014, respectively), and acquiring companies such as PwC Consulting and The Weather Company (2016).

Employees of IBM have received a great number awards including Nobel prizes, National medals of Technology and Science.

Advertising and Interesting Facts

The name of the company— Big Blue - has several variants of origin. By one of them the name came from Mainframes supplied by the company in 1950-1960. They were the size of a room and of blue colour. Another version says that it came from the former dress code that demanded wearing blue shirts and suits.

The latest version of the digital logo underwent changes in 1972 and presented the three big letters altered from solid colour into striped letters denoting “speed and dynamics”.

By the financial report of IBM published on January 18, 2017, the revenue had been reduced by 2%, the sales had been reduced by 1 %. The pure income fell down by 11% to $ 11,9 bln that came the result of decrease in sales of servers and other IT equipment.

However, IBM stakes at fast growing development of strategic imperatives – cloud products, artificial intellect, analytical tools, social networks, mobile technologies, information security solutions.

In 2016 all these strategies brought $ 32,8 bln (41% summary) that is 13% higher than before.

The company actively collaborates with Ogilvy agencies and several commercials were awarded the Cannes Lions. The new project of IBM “Smart Ideas for Smarter Cities” is to make solutions that would bring more comfort to all cities. In cooperation with Ogilvy & Mather France agency IBM created a number of outdoor ads.

A lot of commercials are devoted to the company’s innovations and inventions of IBM like IBM Watson, the Voices of Art, Unboring Tips App, IBM Cloud built for personalization.

Annually IBM spends $20-25 mln on sponsorship. It has long used its partnerships with the Masters golf tournament, tennis’s US Open, the NFL, Broadway’s Tony Awards and other top-tier sports and cultural properties as a platform to demonstrate its technology expertise and build relations with clients and prospects.