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Moët & Chandon is a French company. It is responsible for production of wine and partially luxury goods because it is the co-owner of LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton SE. Moët & Chandon is the largest champagne producer in the world.

History of Moët & Chandon

The drink started its history as Moët et Cie in Paris in 1743 owing to Épernay wine trader. Sparkling wines were popular those days and Moët et Cie was in demand. The company was renamed in 1833 when Pierre-Gabriel Chandon, the director of maisson, became its partner.

In 1971 Moët & Chandon merged with Hennessy Cognac and with Louis Vuitton in 1987 having become LVMH. In 2006 an extremely limited bottling of “Be Fabulous” champagne was released. The bottles were decorated with Swarovski crystals. The company’s revenue was €1.2 billion in 2011.

The logo of the drink says “Moët & Chandon Champagne.” “Moët & Chandon” title looks massive while “Champagne” is designed more elegant. Above the title you can see a crown between “Fonde” and “En 1743” phrases. There is a tiny black star under the name of the drink.

The company’s slogans are:
From Champagne country to the world.
Tonight’s forecast 99% chance of bubbles.
Be fabulous.

Advertising and Interesting Facts

The ads budget of Moët & Chandon was €5.3 million in 2011.

The champagne is known for its “The Now” series of ads. This campaign was ensured to “We Are From LA” agency famous for their video for Pharrell Williams’ “Happy.” These ads showed unforgettable experiences which define the Now. Plus, the campaign used #openthenow hashtag.

Another series of commercials featured Scarlett Johansson. She was the brand’s first celebrity ambassador in 2009. It was a romantic campaign showing Scarlett with a big bottle of champagne.

Moët & Chandon cooperated with “We Are Social” agency to celebrate extraordinary moments happening to people all over the world. The idea was to show that Moët & Chandon was the champagne for those memorable moments.

The company partnered with one of the world’s great chefs, three-time Michelin-starred Yannick Alléno. Moët & Chandon also teamed up with Joe Doucet x Partners and Costa Coffee.

Moët & Chandon officially supplies Formula One with champagne, sponsors Swiss tennis player Roger Federer and McLaren F1 team.

Moët & Chandon was Critics’ Choice Awards official champagne. It was given the first prize at 2016 ATP World Tour Awards.