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The company is known as Morgan Stanley or Morgan Stanley & Co. It provides a financial service of a worldwide level. Among its clients are governments and individual entrepreneurs. The areas of its business mainly cover institutional securities, wealth and investment management.

History of Morgan Stanley

The corporation’s history started in 1935 by Henry S. Morgan and Harold Stanley. With partners, they opened their own company on Wall Street, New York. Within the first year they became the lead syndicate in America.

In 1962 the firm created the first viable computer model for financial analysis. In 1967 Morgan Stanley focused on entering securities market of Europe. The revenue of Morgan Stanley was $37.95 billion in 2016.

Up to 2000 the company had a logo saying “Morgan Stanley Dean Witter” written on a dark-blue background. Starting from 2000 it lost the background and still had “Morgan Stanley” and “Dean Witter” names. They were placed one under another. There was a thin grey line on the left side.

In 2001 the logo retained its title only where “Morgan” was written in black and “Stanley” was of grey colour. It included a triangular shape above the words. Today “Morgan Stanley” is all black without any shapes.

The firm is known for the following slogans:

Morgan Stanley. One client at a time
What if there was someone who guided you with integrity?
Turn ideas into action

Advertising and Interesting Facts

Morgan Stanley has a number of awards. It was named one of the best companies for working mothers, African Americans, Asian Americans and Hispanics in 2004. “The Times” listed them 5th in “20 Best Big Companies to Work For” 2006 list.

Its ads budget was $8.85 billion in 2016. In most cases their commercials touch upon life values. They show business atmosphere and elements of luxury. One of their latest commercials is known as “Eagles for Impact Challenge”.

Their Internet ads show people of business in city environment. Their needs are described with tips by Morgan Stanley.

In 2003 the firm started a partnership with Longchamp Asset Management, an asset manager from France specialised in the distribution of UCITS hedge funds. In 2008 Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group invested $9 billion in Morgan Stanley.

The corporation has been through a lot of lawsuits. In 2017 it was fined $13 million for overbilling and violating investor asset safeguarding custody rules.