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Nissan Motor Co, Ltd is a Japanese company, one of the most famous car manufacturers in the world. In coalition with Renualt Nissan takes up the 3rd place among the automobile producers with 8,513 mln cars sold in 2016 (by International Market Research Institute HIS Automotive).

History of Nissan

Nissan produces a wide variety of cars including commercial, high-class Infiniti and Datsun autos. Nissan has car producing factories in Japan, Great Britain, the USA, Mexico, etc.

Nissan company started in 1911 with establishing a factory Kwaishinsha Co by the son of a rich Japanese businessman Masujiro Hashimoto. The first car, Dat Car, made up a speed of 32 km per hour that was pretty good in those times.

Later, having merged with Jitsuyo Jidosha Co. Ltd and undergoing some changes, the company got its present name Nissan Motor Co., Ltd in 1933.

Since 1970-s Nissan engineers have astonished the automobile world with their innovations, new technical characteristics of automobiles valued by drivers (a new crossover B-class JUKE that combined power of SUV and a sporting style in a compact body; Nissan Patrol of 7th).

Advertising and Interesting Facts

The brand’s slogans, “Innovations that excite” and “Shift capabilities”, are time-proved - Nissan company patented the lightest electric battery for electro mobiles. Another intriguing innovation in the new healthy concept of Nissan is an air filter with Vitamin C that moisturizes the passengers’ skin. One of the latest commercials presents another electric marvel that can develop a speed of 100 km per hour in 5 seconds presented by a new Nissan Electric Vehicle ambassador – Margot Robbie.

Supporting global ecologic initiatives Nissan creates cars with zero level of exhaust fumes, supports extreme kinds of sports, Nissan Sports adventure program, and sporting events like the Olympics of 2016. Links with sport were established long ago when Nissan Cedric was chosen for transporting the Olympic Fire from Greece to Japan in 1964.

The search for new ideas is represented in commercials, too. For example, “A Cloud Catcher” shows Nissan driving up the steep mountain to catch a cloud in a parachute and bringing it down to the dry land to satisfy the people with long awaited rain and refreshing water.

By the Interbrand data, the Nissan trademark costed $ 11,066 bln in 2016. It is the 43rd position in the world brand rating and the 9th position in the list of the most expensive brands in automobile industry.

Total advertising budget of Nissan in the USA makes up around $930 mln per year and varies from outdoor posters to email campaigns. Annually Nissan spends on advertising about $ 915 from the cost of every auto sold.

Jean-Pierre Diernaz, Nissan Europe marketing vice president, declares rising awareness of the brand. That is also due to Nissan marketing policy that sounds like - The harder the task the more strength is required, the more interesting life is!