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Oracle is an American Multinational Computer Technology Company; its headquarter is located in Redwood Shores, California. Oracle engages in the design, developing and marketing of database software and technology, сloud engineered systems and enterprise software products which particularly its brands of database management systems. In 2015, Oracle was the third-largest software maker by revenue. This company’s revenue is valued at $37.04 billion in 2016.

History of Oracle

Larry Ellison and Ed Oatos were the founders of Oracle. Then it beared the name Software Development Laboratories (SDL). Elison took his inspiration from the 1970 paper written by Edgar F. Codd on relational database management systems (RDBMS) called “A relational model of Data for large compatible with system R of IBM”, it, however, failed to do so as IBM kept the error codes for their DBMS a secret. In 1982 Software Development Laboratories changed its name again to Oracle Systems Corporation, to adjust itself all the more intimately with its lead item Oracle database.

In 1995, Oracle Systems Corporation changed its name to Oracle Corporation, officially called “Oracle” but sometimes referred to as Oracle Corporation which is the name of the holding company. Part of Oracle success came from using C programming language to implement its products.

Advertising and Interesting facts

Major competitors of Oracle include IBM, ADOBE, SAP, AND SALESFORCES among others competing for supremacy in the marketing cloud which is a set of software tools that a lot of interaction between the marketers with their customers and prospects in a smarter way. Oracle Corporation works with “Oracle Certified Partners” to enhance its overall product marketing.

< Oracle logo represents pure simplicity and unique design and consists of a dominant and fresh primary color, i.e., the use of red color exemplifies passion, energy, determination, and excitement. Red in the Oracle logo is a symbol of power, aggression and being dynamic.

The Company captivates one’s attention easily and increases one’s attraction. Oracle is written using red color because the company puts their effort towards providing the best software solutions there is. They are ever changing with the latest innovation and flexible in developing software that would suit the needs of their clients. Aside from these, Oracle wants to attract as many customers and users as possible, and that makes red a very suitable color.

The corporate slogan for Oracle as undergone a series of change till a new slogan was introduced in the mid-2015 “Integrated Cloud Applications and Platform Services.”

Ads budget for Oracle Corporation is valued at $81 million in 2008. Oracle spends 20% of its revenue on marketing and sales.

To get attention in a competitive market, Oracle is launching a new campaign built from the ground up using its own marketing touch solution.

Oracle have won many awards for example “Operational Risk and Regulation Awards 2015” for Best Regulatory Reporting Platform/Service, “Enterprise Strategy Groups Delta-V Awards” for Engineered System for Analytics both in 2015.

In 2013 it earned themselves “IT Europa European IT & Software Excellence Awards” for Best Software Vendor of the Year.