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Samsung History

Samsung Group — one of the greatest conglomerates in the business world. It was founded in Daegu in Korea on March 1, 1938 by Byung-Chull Lee, whose starting capital was only $2000 dollars. He called the company «Samsung» (Samsung Trading Co), “three stars” and these three stars were present on the first logos of the company in various combinations.

Its second birth the company had in 1951. After the war Byung-Chull Lee started all over again and for 1 year achieved more than during the pre-war period. The sphere of his interests included: sugar, wool, other consumer goods production, retail, insurance, radio broadcasting and publishing.

In 1960s Samsung had a huge success. The company’s leader found government support and provided unlimited opportunities for growth and expansion of his business.
1970 - Samsung entered a prospective market of quasi conductors, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd, was created including several smaller companies Samsung Group, dealing with electronic (Samsung Electron Devices, Samsung Electro-Mechanics, Samsung Corning, Samsung Semiconductor and Telecommunications).
1969 - a branch of Samsung — Samsung-Sanyo - launched black and white TVsets on the market. 5 years later refrigerators, washing machines and then 5 years later microwave ovens and conditioners.
1978 the USA branch was established. That time Samsung took up the 5th part of all export in Korea.
In 1980-х Samsung enters the market of PC.
1991 – designs the first automobile.
1999 – produces the first smart phone.
1992 - the company started working at microchip DRAM, with volume of 64 Mb, now chips have volume of 64 Gb.
1998 - mass production of digital TV sets

Year by year the company expands its presence on the market, leading in sales of mobiles and TV sets.

Samsung in Advertising

1993 - for the 55th anniversary the company received a renewed logo Samsung — a bent ellipse of blue color with the inscription inside. The new logo reflected entering the world market. It seems that the word Samsung is inside the orbit of a sky object. The corporation is considered to be a universe which is open to the world. The excellent design and creative campaign made the logo very recognizable and considered by specialists as a sample of an extremely successful rebranding.

However in 2015 only the company’s name written in blue was kept.

Samsung advertisements differ from other commercials by variety of plots, powerful energy and music background.
The commercial of Samsung GALAXY Alpha shows modern technology development. The clock turns into a stylish telephone. The voice behind the screen announces: “Metal makes style”. Actually viewers see stylish thin telephone.

Maria Sharapova in a commercial of Samsung la Fleur attracts attention from the first second as very fragile. The commercial is full of sport energy and airy tenderness. She takes a racket and with a pink tennis balls creates a masterpiece on the canvas of a white wall. With one touch she makes a picture of the painted wall and sends it to friends – thus Samsung demonstrates novelties in functions.

Being presented in precise and stylish commercials is a part of the huge and powerful Samsung Company image. A strong business player is a leader everywhere.

By research of Kantar Media Samsung increased its advertising budget 5 times from 2011 to 2012 ($401 mnl dollars). In 2014 expenses of Samsung for advertising made up $687 mln dollars