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Xerox is a global corporation from America. It sells document solutions and document technology products in more than 150 countries. Some of their elements developed for personal computing were later used by Apple and Microsoft.

History of Xerox

The history of this company started in 1906 in Rochester. Those days it was known as The Haloid Photographic Company. It was founded by a physicist Chester Carlson. The company expanded significantly in 1960s. During that period the company introduced the first desktop plain-paper copier Xerox 813.

Today Xerox is led by such people as Robert J. (Bob) Keegan and Jeff Jacobson. Its revenue was $10.77 billion in 2016.

The modern Xerox logo was unveiled in 2008. It had a lowercase orientation compared to the previous variant. It consisted of a vibrant red inscription of the name “Xerox”. Close to font there is a red sphere with a white cross which stands for X. The use of lowercase letters underlines that the company focuses on its user-friendly orientation.

The slogan which is most associated with the Xerox company is “The document company”.

Advertising and Interesting Facts

Ads budget of Xerox reached $130 million in 2014.

To show that the company thinks about future Xerox shot a series of commercials. They were based on iconic videos from the past. One of such ads includes the well-known Brother Dominic. The tagline of this video was “Set the page free.” By the way “Xerox Monks” were awarded with a Super Bowl in 1977.

Recent marketing campaigns by Xerox are an attempt to shake off its “copier company” label and prove that it is also provides business services. The ads are published in magazines, on television and on interactive billboards.

Xerox was a worldwide sponsor of the 1994 Winter Olympics in Norway and 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta. The corporation provided a platinum sponsorship for Africa Print Expo. Xerox also supports Notre Dame university services.

Among Xerox partners was WTA. The company had a contract with BARCO. In 2017 Fuji Xerox signed an agreement with DPU.

Xerox has Corporate Responsibility and Global Leadership Awards. It was rated as Best Corporate Citizen and one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies. In addition, Forbes called Xerox one of the Most Reputable Companies. Fortune Magazine gave Xerox the title of the Most Flexible Employer. The corporation was named as Worldwide Market Leader in Managed Print Services.