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Red Apple International Advertising Festival 2018

Tipo de premio: Advertising Awards

The international Red Apple festival is a major event that unites world’s marketing and advertising professionals and also the most prestigious advertising festival in Russia and East Europe. Each year the festival brings together creatives from the largest international and Russian communication agencies, heads of marketing and advertising departments from the largest client companies.
Today the festival is successfully following its path in uniting creative cultures of Europe and Asia. This goal is becoming clearer and firmer. Europe and Asia are the reflection of Russia’s character and the most important festival’s distinction on the creative market.
Red Apple isn’t just an event to summing up and awarding outstanding advertisers. It is by far an active, permanent communication between different cultures, ideas and opinions. Not just advertising. Not just marketing. But everything, that helps us think in a creative way, that makes the audience feel involved and helps form the Eurasian creative space. It is inspiration. It is passion for what you do and that can change our lives. It is the result.

Red Apple 2018 will be held on 14-16 November.
The Early Bird Entry - 1 - 30 of june
Main feed wave – 10 July – 30 September
Late submission - 17 – 30 September
Awards Ceremony – 16 November
The Media category is placed in a separate festival block - Red Apple: Festival of Media
Start of submission of works - since August, 1st.

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