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ANDY Awards 2018

Tipo de premio: Advertising Awards

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The International ANDY Awards in its 54th year celebrates the best creative ideas decided by the highest caliber integrated jury, which will be led by Pete Favat, Chief Creative Officer, Deutsch, North America.  Work is also distinguished by craft, social good, innovation and bravery by highlighting collaborations between creative teams and marketers to serve as the new standard for the industry.

We will accept professional and student entries December 2017 – February 2018. To learn more please contact a member of the ANDY team.


Winners List

ANDY Awards 2018 Gold winners

Pimp The Extreme Ninja Master Runway Chef Ink Tank Factor Has Talent Brasil

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Sector Deodorants (en)
Media Publicidad en TV y cine, Case study
Mercado Brasil
Agencia Wieden + Kennedy Sao Paulo
Creative Director Renato Simoes, Rodrigo Mendes, Bruno Oppido, Eduardo Lima, Caio Mattoso
Art Director José Ferraz, Felipe Paiva
Copywriter Rafael Melo Carram
Agencia de production Landia
Publicado noviembre 2017


Wave Festival 2018
Branded Content & Entertaiment Audiovisual Ouro
Film Innovation in Film Bronze

Creditos y descripciones

Client: P&G / Old Spice
Country: Brasil
WIEDEN+KENNEDY Sao Paulo, Brazil Entrant Company
WIEDEN+KENNEDY Sao Paulo, Brazil Idea Creation
LANDIA Sao Paulo, Brazil Production
ANTFOOD Sao Paulo, Brazil Production
WIEDEN+KENNEDY Sao Paulo, Brazil Media Placement
Rafael Melo Wieden+Kennedy São Paulo Copywriting & Screenwriting
Felipe Paiva Wieden+Kennedy São Paulo Art Direction
José Ferraz Wieden+Kennedy São Paulo Art Direction
Bruno Oppido Wieden+Kennedy São Paulo Creative Direction
Caio Mattoso Wieden+Kennedy São Paulo Creative Direction
Rodrigo Mendes Wieden+Kennedy São Paulo Creative Direction
Renato Simões Wieden+Kennedy São Paulo Creative Direction
Eduardo Lima Wieden+Kennedy São Paulo Creative Direction
Original Sinopsis:
Vem aí o Pimp The Extreme Ninja Master Runway Chef Ink Tank Factor Has Talent Brasil, o reality show dos reality shows, que vai colocar à prova os seres mais corajosos do país com a ajuda do desodorante mais PO-PO-PODEROSO da história. #RealityOldSpice #RealitydosRealities #EsseCabraSouEu #RealityCabraMacho
Old Spice is a relatively new product in Brazil and its market share is currently under 5% in the country. In an effort to raise awareness for the brand and reinforce its positioning amongst the target audience during the launch of its brand new fragrance, P&G challenged us to create an execution that translated Old Spice's POV and reached the target (the Brazilian male youth) in a relatable and innovative way.
To succeed in our goals, we figured we needed to create something that could become part of the Brazilian male youth culture and break through the traditional advertising format.
So, when we looked at Brazilian's pop culture, this is what we found:
1. Brazilians watch in average 20 hours of TV every week (6th place in the global ranking).
2. Big Brother Brasil is the top TV show in Brazil and it's still breaking audience records after its 18th edition; it was also the #1 searched item on Google (Brazil) in 2017.
3. Other reality shows such as "The Voice" and "Masterchef" are Big Brother's main entertainment competitors apart from the Brazilian soup operas.
In other words, Reality TV shows are a huge thing in Brazil. So we figured it was time we created a reality show that translated everything that Old Spice represents. The ultimate reality show.
Pimp The Extreme Ninja Master Runway Chef Ink Tank Factor Has Talent Brasil is the reality show of reality shows. A real TV show that parodies the best and the worst of one of the most popular TV genres in Brazil and that was aired on prime time on Brazil's main cable TV networks. With a long-length non-advertising format, the show gathered a considerable fanbase and became a success amongst the target audience.
Broadcast exclusively in Brazil, we reached 20 million people in our target base (Brazilian male youth) and a total of approximately 31 million people (PayTV and digital combined) with the show.
On the season finale, we reached the highest rating amongst the target audience on PayTV.
70% of the interactions and comments were positive (28% neutral). Most of these users were rooting for one of the show's participants, talking about the product itself or demanding a second season from Old Spice.
Including all of the media channels, video teasers, vignettes, commercials and
episodes, we achieved a total of 110 million impacts. Impact increased by 50% during the project.
We had to find a media partner that would allow the idea to reach its full potential. That was when we partnered up with Turner (Brazil's lead PayTV broadcaster and a major reality show distributor) to distribute the show. It aired on prime time on 2017's Q4 on TNT, Space Channel and Warner alongside a strong delivery on digital channels belonging to the brand and the broadcasters. The episodes were re-ran in the evenings and were also promoted to our audiences via Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.
We first released video teasers to prepare the audience for the show. After a few weeks, the first episode was launched and promo videos promoted it to the target audience. Weekly episodes and promos were aired for a month. After the season finale, backstage videos, a best moments recap and a season marathon were broadcast to the show's fanbase online and on Turner channels.
Campaign Description
To launch the brand new Old Spice fragrance, we created Pimp The Extreme Ninja Master Runway Chef Ink Tank Factor Has Talent Brasil: the reality show of reality shows. For one month, brave contestants competed for the title of the greatest fashion-cook-singer-entrepreneur-artist-mechanic-designer in Brazil in challenges that combined the best and the worst of every reality show ever made. P.T.E.N.M.R.C.I.T.F.H.T.B was broadcast on prime time on TNT, Warner and SpaceTV, Brazil's major cable TV channels.