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Cannes Lions 2006

Tipo de premio: Advertising Awards


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Sector Entretenimiento y ocio, Equipos deportivos
Media Radio
Mercado Estados Unidos
Agencia Devito/Verdi
Creative Director Sal Devito
Publicado diciembre 2005


Cannes Lions 2006
Radio Travel, Entertainment & Leisure Gold Lion for the Campaign

Creditos y descripciones

Advertising Agency: DEVITO/VERDI, USA, New York
Creative Director: Sal DeVito
Scriptwriter: Daniel Giachetti/John Clement/Sal DeVito

Script in English

VO: And they're off. Out of the gate it's LET'S DO SUSHI. Now here comes KOMONO CLAD WAITRESS with CHOPSTICKS and EXCESSIVE BOWING. And EXCESSIVE BOWING just won't quit. But here comes WARM SAKI. And WARM SAKI is really kicking in. Oh no, it's LET'S LIVE DANGEROUSLY with FUGU BLOWFISH. And FUGU BLOWFISH isn't looking good. And now it's DIZZINESS followed by SWEATING and NAUSEA. And coming up from the inside, it's FUGU BLOWFISH. And FUGU BLOWFISH is all over KOMONO CLAD WAITRESS. And EXCESSIVE BOWING has stopped in its tracks. And in the end, it's DOES ANYONE HAVE A MINT, SAYONARA CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM, and WHERE DID THEY PUT MY SHOES.

OFF: For a better time, go to the track. National Thoroughbred Racing. We bet you love it.