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Cannes Lions 2006

Tipo de premio: Advertising Awards


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Sector Juguetes
Media Radio
Mercado Sudáfrica
Agencia FCB Johannesburg
Creative Director Brett Morris
Account Supervisor Joanne Donald
Publicado abril 2006


Cannes Lions 2006
Radio Travel, Entertainment & Leisure Bronze Lion

Creditos y descripciones

Advertising Agency: FCB JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA, Johannesburg
Creative Director: Brett Morris
Scriptwriter: Charles Foley/Lance Vining
Agency Producer: Karin Keylock
Account Supervisor: Joanne Donald
Advertiser's Supervisor: Gavin Mansour
Sound Engineer: Paul Baxter

Script in English

SFX: Pandemonium, burning village. Trumpets trail off as horses are pulled to a stop.

MVO1: Wooooh! What happened here?

MVO2: Traces of dragon slime, Lord Viner.

MVO1: Talonor! You have destroyed your last village.

MVO1: People of Alexidia. We knew that one day we’d have to face him, and this is that day.
Who’s with me?

SFX: Horses galloping, Cheers, swords clanking

MVO2: Sire! He’s coming back.

MVO1: For Alexidia. CHaaAARGE!

SFX: Charging men, clanging swards and arrows flying through air.

MVO3: MWA HA HA! Eat fire fools.

SFX: Fire blast, screams

MVO1: Trigger the flaming bricks.

SFX: Fiery boulders flying, hitting, raptor screaming

MVO2: Sire, it’s morphing into some kind of Spider-vulture-cross-Bulk-rammer.

SFX: Click, click! Click! flapping wings

MVO1: My God, but Talonor can’t fly?

MVO3: I have new powers.

MVO1: But you already have the power of fire breathing? You can’t have 2 powers, that’s the

MVO3: That’s what you say. MRWAAAwr!

SFX: Fire, screaming

ANN: Lego. Just imagine.