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Cannes Lions 2008

Tipo de premio: Advertising Awards

Quote 500: Quote ABC Book

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Sector Publicaciones
Media Ambiente, Promo / PR, Case study
Mercado Países Bajos
Agencia Selmore
Publicado junio 2008


Cannes Lions 2008
Promo - Bronze

Creditos y descripciones

Type Of Entry: Product/Service
Category: Publications & Media
Advertiser/Client: QUOTE 500
Advertising Agency, City: SELMORE, Amsterdam
Sales Promotion/Advertising Agency, City: SELMORE, Amsterdam

Credit Details:
Name Position Company
Bas Korsten CD/Copy Selmore
Michael Jansen CD/Art Selmore
Peter Knappen Illustrator
Anita Lighthart Account Director
Emilie van Dijk Account Manager

"Quote 500" is the Netherlands' version of "Forbes 500". In June 2007 they did a special edition called "Quote 500 Junior", which would list the Netherlands' youngest millionaires. The publisher asked the agency to develop a promotional idea for this special issue of the magazine. In addition to the magazine being posted to all subscribers, they were also on sale in newsagents. The target audience was male, 18-40 years, who aspire to the lifestyle of the rich and famous. The aim was to promote the special edition and increase magazine sales.

To keep those filthy rich kids on the right track, the agency came up with the idea of the little ABC book. The book was made up of 26 invaluable and highly educative words with illustrations to help those kids get the most out of life. To appeal to the target, each letter humorously represented an exclusive element of the millionaire lifestyle. This early learning book was sealed in with the special edition magazine.

Even though they aspire to be Holland's richest, we know they still like the occasional freebie; but this ABC book was not just any old freebie. We paid particular attention to the quality and presentation of the book, to ensure that it was a cut above the rest of the supplements you might see on the magazine stand. Thus attracting the well heeled; many of whom passed it on to children in their families. We made a play on the fact that it supplemented a magazine that listed Holland's youngest millionaires; the ABC book format was ideal.

The special issue sold 19% more copies than in previous years. The free press and TV publicity it generated was so great that the public started requesting extra copies and the publisher produced additional copies which went on sale in children's book stores across the country. Within the first month, nearly 1000 were sold.