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Cannes Lions 2017

Tipo de premio: Advertising Awards

We believe creativity is a force for business, for change and for good in the world. Established in 1954, Cannes Lions is a global campaign for creativity, with the International Festival of Creativity as its epicentre.

From 17–24 June 2017, a diverse community of communications, marketing, entertainment, design and tech talent from 90+ countries worldwide will come to Cannes to learn, network and celebrate.

Final entry deadline: 20 April 2017.

Special Awards

Agency of the Year: ALMAPBBDO São Paulo

Healthcare Agency of the Year: MEDULLA COMMUNICATIONS Mumbai
Independent Agency of the Year: DROGA5 New York
Network of the Year: OGILVY & MATHER
Healthcare Network of the Year: MCCANN HEALTH
Media Network of the Year
Palme d'Or: TOOL USA
Holding Company of the Year: WPP

Audi And Airbnb Live To Drive [image]

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Sector Coches
Media Publicidad en TV y cine, Digital, Case study
Mercado Estados Unidos
Agencia Venables Bell & Partners
Associate Creative Director Matt Keats, Matt Miller
Executive Creative Director Will Mcginness
Creative Director Justin Moore, Erich Pfiefer, Craig Deleon
Art Director Matt Miller
Senior Art Director Kyle Jones
Copywriter Matt Keats
Agencia de production MJZ
Agencia de production Rattling Stick
Director Ringan Ledwidge
Publicado octubre 2016


Cannes Lions 2017
Cyber Campaign: Integrated Multi-Platform Campaign (Online & Offline) Bronze Lion
Promo And Activation Sectors: Cars & Automotive Products & Services Bronze Lion

Creditos y descripciones

Title: Audi And Airbnb Live To Drive
Agency: Venables Bell & Partners
Brand: Audi Of America
Country: USA
Entrant Company: Venables Bell & Partners, San Francisco
Advertising Agency: Venables Bell & Partners, San Francisco
Media Agency: Mediacom, Los Angeles
Production Company: Mjz, Los Angeles / 740 Sound Design , Los Angeles / Final Cut, Los Angeles / Framestore , Los Angeles
Founder, Chairman: Paul Venables (Venables Bell And Partners)
Executive Creative Director: Will Mcginness (Venables Bell And Partners)
Creative Director: Justin Moore (Venables Bell And Partners)
Director Of Integrated Production: Craig Allen (Venables Bell And Partners)
Senior Producer: Matt Flaker (Venables Bell And Partners)
Director Of Business Affairs: Quynh-ahn Phan (Venables Bell And Partners)
Project Manager: Leah Murphy (Venables Bell And Partners)
Group Strategy Director: Tonia Lowe (Venables Bell And Partners)
Head Of Brand Mgmt: David Corns (Venables Bell And Partners)
Group Brand Director: Chris Bergen (Venables Bell And Partners)
Creative Director: Craig Deleon (Human)
Production Designer: Kk Barrett (Rattling Stick)
Creative Director: Erich Pfiefer (Venables Bell And Partners)
Associate Creative Director, Art Director: Matt Miller (Venables Bell And Partners)
Associate Creative Director, Copywriter: Matt Keats (Venables Bell And Partners)
Senior Art Director: Kyle Jones (Venables Bell And Partners)
Director: Ringan Ledwidge (Rattling Stick)
Director Of Photography: Greig Fraser (Rattling Stick)
Head Of Production: Richard Mcintosh (Rattling Stick)
Executive Producer: Joe Biggins (Rattling Stick)
Executive Producer: Jeff Shupe (Rattling Stick)
Line Producer: Greg Haggart (Rattling Stick)
Stunt Coordinator: Robert Alonzo (Rattling Stick)
Mixer, Sound Designer: Chris Pinkston (740 Sound)
Brand Director: Ally Galston (Venables Bell And Partners)
Assistant Brand Manager: Brianne Jones (Venables Bell And Partners)
Senior Project Manager: Talya Fisher (Venables Bell And Partners)
Sound Designer: A. Josh Reinhardt (740 Sound)
Sound Designer: Rob Marshall (740 Sound)
Executive Producer: Scott Ganary (740 Sound)
“Live to Drive”, in partnership with Airbnb and the TV Academy, launched during the 2016 Emmy Awards. Audi launched a fully integrated campaign via TV, social, owned channels, and experiential to promote the R8’s Live to Drive experience. With over 11.3 million viewers tuning in, Audi had 4 minutes of air time in between the broadcast that aired the “Desolation” spot twice with a supporting spot “Teardrop”. This was Audi’s first partnership with Airbnb and played off of their new brand positioning of being Fearlessly Forward. What more fearless than to live in a house on a desert running at top speed in an R8? Every auto-head’s dream. The Airbnb listing page had a record-breaking buy-out of less than 6 seconds for 8 separate events. The campaign was concluded with 8 real live-to-drive experiences a month later that was documented with all the winning guests.
Campaign Description:
In 2016, Audi launched the fastest production car in their history. The 205-mph R8 supercar. To celebrate the milestone, we created the ultimate high-speed fantasy for all those who truly live to drive. We imagined a world beyond traffic lights, speed limits and congestion. Where speed is a way of life, and even the morning coffee run is more thrilling. And then we partnered with Airbnb to make it a reality. The spot, ‘Desolation’, featured an ordinary family living in an extraordinary house in the land-speed wastelands of Death Valley. The ‘Home of the Audi R8’ was a real house that we then listed on Airbnb with an integrated campaign that drove people to the listing page and invited the world to experience the bucket list worth driving and living adventure for themselves.
Audi Sport vehicles, of which R8 is the flagship supercar, are designed to deliver the highest performance, and created for those who crave a truly exceptional driving experience. So to capture the spirit of drivers who would go to any length to feel that pinnacle in driving excitement, we created a story of one family who went to the greatest possible lengths to drive unfettered by the limits of conventional roads. Then to bring that fantasy to life, we gave real-world driving enthusiasts an opportunity to live the dream themselves by booking a custom Audi Airbnb experience.
The 2016 Emmy’s is the 2nd half of the year’s largest media event tentpole that drew in over 11.3M viewers. Audi and Airbnb’s Live to Drive campaign sought to drive inspiration to push the boundaries of what’s possible and try and experimental partnership to garner high engagement. After Desolation aired twice during the show, we also garnered over 18MM+ digital views with over 188.5MM+ earned impressions. Overall for the brand, the campaign increased our search 5x over with 36+ press pickups that were overwhelmingly positive and excited about the initiative. This ultimately led to the first ever nine-way booking tie in Airbnb history.
Born out of Audi’s engineering philosophy, "Fearlessly Forward" is the brand’s new platform that inspires its audience to keep pushing the boundaries. As an expression of that, our brief centered on developing a co-branded effort with Airbnb that delivered the ultimate living + driving experience in the Nevada desert, and that included access to a luxury Airbnb residence and Audi’s R8 supercar. Our aim for the television spot promoting this experiential offering, was to capture the unique spirit and passion of R8 drivers and the great lengths they will go to enjoy the exhilarating ride. Airing during the highly anticipated Emmys, Audi sought to break the mold of traditional engagement and partnered together with a similarly progressive brand to make auto-heads’ dreams a reality.