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New York Festivals 2017

Tipo de premio: Advertising Awards

260 West 39th Street, 10th Floor New York, NY 10018 USA

Teléfono: +1 (212) 643 4800

Network Of The Year: BBDO

Brand Of The Year: Lockheed Martin

Agency Of The Year North America: McCANN

Agency Of The Year Europe: Heimat

Agency Of The Year Asia Pacific: Clemenger BBDO

Agency Of The Year South America: ALMAP BBDO





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Sector Coches
Media Publicidad en TV y cine
Mercado Estados Unidos
Agencia Venables Bell & Partners
Executive Creative Director Will Mcginness
Creative Director Justin Moore, Erich Pfeifer
Art Director Matt Miller
Copywriter Matt Keats
Producer Gabby Gardner
Agencia de production Rattling Stick
Director Ringan Ledwidge
Publicado septiembre 2016


Clio Awards 2017
Film Technique Product/Service: Cinematography Bronze
Film Technique Product/Service: Direction Bronze
Film Technique Product/Service: Editing Bronze
Film Technique Product/Service: Sound Design Bronze
Film Technique Product/Service: Visual Effects Bronze

Creditos y descripciones

The race to be the next Commander-In-Chief has never been fiercer, with the debates heating up to become the duel of the century. Audi is bringing you our own version of political satire, with two valets duking it out in an epic, knock-down-drag-out fight to the finish for the highest prize of them all. Agency: Venables Bell & Partners, San Francisco.
Category: Automotive
Media: TV
Brand: Audi
Client: Audi Of America
Agency: Venables Bell & Partners
Advertising Agency: Venables Bell & Partners, San Francisco, USA
Founder / Chairman: Paul Venables
Partner / Executive Creative Director: Will McGinness
Creative Directors: Justin Moore, Erich Pfeifer
Associate Creative Director / Copywriter: Matt Keats
Associate Creative Director / Art Director: Matt Miller
Director Of Integrated Production: Craig Allen
Senior Producer: Matt Flaker
Producer: Gabby Gardner

Production Company: Rattling Stick
Director: Ringan Ledwidge
Director of Photography: Greig Fraser
Head of Production: Richard McIntosh
Executive Producers: Joe Biggins, Jeff Shupe, Marlo Baird
Line Producer: Greg Haggart
Stunt Coordinator: Robert Alonzo
Production Designer: K.K. Barrett

Editing Company: Work Editorial
Editor: Rich Orrick
Assistant Editor: Mike Horan
Producer: Brandee Probasco

Music Company: Woodwork Music
Music Composer: Philip Kay
Music Coordinator: Andy Oskwarek
Sound Design / Final Mix: The Sound Lab / Technicolor
Executive Producer: Debbie Gonzalez
Lead Sound Designer / Mix Engineer: Scott Gershin
Sound Designer: Johannes Hammers

VFX: The Mill
Executive Creative Director: Phil Crowe
VFX Supervisor: John Shirley
CG Lead: David Lawson
VFX Senior Producer: Anastasia von Rahl
VFX Associate Producer: Karina Slater

Colorist: Greg Reese
Head Of Brand Management: David Corns
Brand Director: Chris Bergen
Brand Supervisor: Justin Wang
Brand Manager: Abu Ngauja
Project Managers: Talya Fisher, Leah Murphy
Geo: United States
Published: September 2016
2016 was an exceptional year, dominated largely by the U.S. presidential election. As the election cycle progressed, it became increasingly evident that the three presidential debates were going to be some of the most watched events of the year. While many brands were reluctant to engage in a politically charged media situation, Audi took the opportunity to make a bold statement and get people talking with the release of 'Duel,’ the Audi version of political satire. ‘Duel’ featured one woman and one man duking it out in a knock-down-drag-out battle for the highest prize of them all. Finding out what started the fight was half the fun and led to the story’s unique narrative approach.
We also set out to squeeze a $300M blockbuster into a :90 car commercial.
The editing challenge on Duel was simple. Put together an adrenaline-fueled action sequence from beginning to end. Then, reverse the entire thing to tell a completely different story. We loved the idea that you wouldn’t know it was happening in reverse in the beginning, keeping it mysterious and slightly surreal until bodies start flying in into the air. Also, just reversing the film wasn’t enough. It was important to make sure you were tracking with the reverse story, so that meant lingering on moments that you wouldn’t if you were watching it forward. Add to that the balancing act of keeping the action moving, while allowing enough time to register some of the 20 well-placed Easter Eggs (visual cues representing both the Democratic and Republican party nominees). The technique allowed the spot to be just as action-packed and full of surprises as the election itself.
Action films are a dime a dozen in Hollywood. So not only was it essential that we create an action sequence that felt entirely fresh and original, but the sound design needed to rival anything you might see on the big screen. It needed to feel intense, violent and destructive. But we also wanted the sound design to enhance the feeling of moving in reverse. However, just reversing sounds just creates lots of weird sucking and warping effects. A punch in reverse doesn’t sound like a punch. And we wanted to feel that impact. So instead, we layered reverse effects with forward effects to create a truly unique sound scape.
'Duel' challenged viewers to stand up for what they believe in on election day. And people stayed engaged long after the spots aired on the debates. In the end, Audi garnered over 166MM+ impressions, 17.22MM+ digital views, 57+ press pickups, and was named Adweek's #2 best ad of 2016.