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The CUP Awards (Intercontinental)

sobre The CUP Awards (Intercontinental)

ICAC, The Intercontinental Advertising Cup was established in 2007 by organizers of the world’s three biggest regional advertising festivals: Asia Pacific’s ADFEST, Ibero-American FIAP and New European Golden Drum. From the first year onwards the ADC*E, Art Director’s Club of Europe, is also a member.

The mission of THE CUP is the affirmation of locally inspired creativity. The purpose of THE CUP is not competition with any other advertising show, but a very new international concept that makes it possible for local creativity to be judged on a global scale by its local merit. It is a natural extension of local festivals with regional judges, who recognize the quality of local creativity and bring a fresh perspective to global judging.

Basic principle of this new advertising competition is that shortlisted entries from participating regional festivals gain exclusive right to enter into the Intercontinental advertising selection judged by the highest level international jurors.