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The CUP - Asia Pacific AdFest

1537 Town in Town 3/1
Srivara Road, Plubpla
Wangthonglang Bangkok 10310
Phone: +66 2 530 9300

About The CUP - Asia Pacific AdFest

Founded in 1998, ADFEST is an annual advertising festival celebrating and raising the standard of creativity.

ADFEST will also accept entries from the Middle East to further embrace the cultural diversity and richness in Asia.

ADFEST is a platform designed not only to promote and recognize creative excellence, but also provides a unique learning opportunity for participants through seeing the best works, listening to inspiring speakers, and exchanging ideas.

ADFEST embraces and celebrates local culture and heritage. With the rich history of heritage and legacy, ADFEST aims for the recognition and preservation of such local value.