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Clio Awards 2005

Award Type: Advertising Awards

Clio is the largest and most celebrated festival of its kind. For 44 years, they have sought to attract the best work from agencies and production houses all over the world. They have then submitted that work to a jury of leading professionals, who have distinguished themselves in their fields, who represent the very best of their craft, and who take the responsibility of judging very seriously.
Clio does not instruct the jury, other than to encourage it to award ideas rather than mere execution. Clio supports an honest, democratic and non-poliitcal system of judging. Each piece is judged on its own merits. First the jury votes a shortlist of the best work. From those finalists, the jury then determines which pieces, if any, are worthy of a statue. They present three statue levels: Gold, Silver and Bronze. Occasionally, the judges honor particularly outstanding work with a Grand Clio, the best of show.
To look at a Clio reel or to visit a Clio gallery is to see some of the world's most powerful ads. The winner's reel is sent to their representatives in 39 countries - and those representatives seek to screen the reel for interested groups. Part of their effort is to acknowledge greatness, part to instruct students of the craft, and part to celebrate one of the most interesting and influential art forms in modern culture.

Clio Awards 2005 award winning ads and commercials

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