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EURO EFFIES / EACA Euro Effies 2018

Award Type: Advertising Awards

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About European Association of Communications Agencies
The EACA EURO EFFIES are the Gold Standard in Commercial Communications Effectiveness Awards. They reward not just traditional advertising but campaigns from any discipline which have achieved proven effectiveness in two or more European markets. The Euro Effies programme supports and promotes the role of commercial communications as an effective and efficient use of marketing resources. Introduced in 1996 to reward advertising that builds brands across borders, the Euro Effies were the first pan-European advertising awards to be judged on the basis of effectiveness. The EFFIE award, introduced in 1968 by the New York American Marketing Association and now celebrated in 30 countries, is the symbol of proven advertising effectiveness and a tribute to the client & agency partnership. The goal of marketing communications is to help marketers achieve their marketing objectives. The philosophy behind the EACA Euro Effies is that commercial communications should be recognised for their ability to help achieve those objectives and for their important role in marketing. The EFFIE programme supports and promotes the role of advertising as an effective and efficient use of marketing resources. To be considered for a Euro Effie, campaigns must offer proof of having met or exceeded clearly stated objectives. Judging procedures are primarily based on objective evidence of performance against goals.


Key Dates

Call for Entries: 8 Jan 2018 – 6 April 2018

First late entry deadline: 27 April

Second late entry deadline: 25 May

Round 1 judging: 4 June – 15 June

Round 2 judging: 28 June

Positive Change judging: 19 September

Awards Gala: 16 October