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Wave Festival 2010

Award Type: Advertising Awards

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The success of Latin advertising in the world is not new. Our agencies and creatives have their talent recognized and conquer more space in the international market every year. As we know, this is the result of a process of more than 3 decades involving a lot of creativity, effort, talent, and dedication.

This led to a sad conclusion: the lack of a truly important award for creatives in communication in Latin America.

Of course there are a number of events and festivals, but none that represents in the region what Cannes represents in a global scale.

This fact was the motivation which led us to organize a new event. Not only another event, but the “Latin American Festival”, an event that truly translates the transnational character, a relevant, charming and prestigious event. An award never before held in our continent.

Wave Festival 2010 award winning ads and commercials

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