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Wave Festival 2010

Award Type: Advertising Awards

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The success of Latin advertising in the world is not new. Our agencies and creatives have their talent recognized and conquer more space in the international market every year. As we know, this is the result of a process of more than 3 decades involving a lot of creativity, effort, talent, and dedication.

This led to a sad conclusion: the lack of a truly important award for creatives in communication in Latin America.

Of course there are a number of events and festivals, but none that represents in the region what Cannes represents in a global scale.

This fact was the motivation which led us to organize a new event. Not only another event, but the “Latin American Festival”, an event that truly translates the transnational character, a relevant, charming and prestigious event. An award never before held in our continent.


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Media Promo & PR, Case study
Market Brazil
Agency Dcs
Creative Director Roberto Callage E Régis Montagna, Eduardo Menezes, Rafael Bohrer
Art Director Rodrigo Alves Da Silveira Lebrun
Copywriter Everton Behenck
Creative Everson Klein, Marcelo Quinan, Gabriel Gama
Producer Ana Paula Luce, Thiago Vanigli
Account Supervisor Mário Paravisi E Daniela Paris, Luciana Grazziotin
Released June 2010


Cannes Lions 2010
PR Lions - Silver

Credits & Description

Type of entry: Sectors & Services
Category: Corporate Communication
Advertiser: OLYMPIKUS
Agency: DCS Porto Alegre, BRAZIL
Creative Director: Roberto Callage (DCS)
Creative Director: Rafael Bohrer (DCS)
Copywriter: Everton Behenck (DCS)
Art Director: Rodrigo Alves (DCS)
Creative Director: Eduardo Menezes (Boca)
Creative: Everson Klein (Boca)
Creative: Marcelo Quinan (Boca)
Creative: Gabriel Gama (Boca)
Account Supervisor: Mario Paravisi (DCS)
Account Supervisor: Luciana Grazziotin (DCS)
Account Manager: Leticia Peroni (DCS)
Art Buyer: Clarice dias (DCS)
Art Buyer: Mariene Braga (DCS)
Public Relations: Ian Black (Boca)
Public Relations: Alexandre Inagaki (Boca)
Marketing Manager: Pedro Bartelle (Olympikus)
Marketing Manager: Marcio Callage (Olympikus)
Producer: Ana Paula Luce (DCS)
Producer: Thiago Vanigli (DCS)
Account Manager: Camila Roveda (DCS)
Describe the campaign/entry:
The biggest sportive brand from Latin America needed to be in the release of the seat of the Olympics of 2016. The brand, sponsor of the Brazilian Olympic Comité for ten years, knew other companies that are not present in sports, would try to use the event to their advantage.
Act fast with a high impact ad that would make the most important people in the country reply the message, in the same time they would give it credibility.
Packages were sent to 40 important people; among these were journalists, celebrities and bloggers. On October 2rd, Rio de Janeiro won the contest. Five minutes after the announcement, the package arrived in people’s house, works and even restaurants where the chosen personalities were. On the top of the box there was only one sentence: 'I already knew it'. Inside, a manifesto from the brand and a letter registered by a notary pubic dated the previous day, prooving and explaining why the brand already knew Brazil would win.
The package also included a personalised t-shirt and stickers with the sentence 'I knew it'.
The result was an immediate 'wave' of posts, tweets, notes in main websites and newspapers in the city announcement. The next day, it was just too late for the other brands!
Describe the brief from the client:
To own the announcement of Rio de Janeiro as the seat of the Olympic Games 2016 before other companies. To show that the brand could be the faster to talk about Olympics Games and the most engaging.
To cause a big impact in people to relay the message, in order to give credibility to the brand’s speech.
For the agility of the action Olympikus was the first to spread the news of the announcement of Rio de Janeiro as the seat of the Olympic Games 2016, with great impact because of the timing of delivery.
With only 40 packages, the brand reached more than 21 million people in a layer of privileged social position population, with capacity of growing opinion among them.
Besides, with only USD 6.857,00 the action got more than USD 29,000.000,00 in free media: it earned space in the main blogs, foudn its way into social media and the largest web portals, in addition to magazines and newspapers.
A great success from all points of view.
The action was created in Porto Alegre, in the south of the country. In São Paulo, professionals of Public Relations selected the people. The 40 packages bearing the phrase "Eu já sabia" ("I knew it") travelled Brazil and were delivered in three strategic places: Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Recife, in the north-east, crossing more than 5 thousand kilometres. Each package was delivered personally to the designed people. All the packages were delivered only 5 minutes after the announcement of the winner city.
They contained a personalised T-shirt and sticker and most important, a letter registered by a notary public dated the previous day, prooving and explaining why the brand already knew Brazil would win.
The Situation:
In the country of soccer, its biggest sportive brand had never let to bet in Olympic sports. They have invested in Brazilian sport for more than 10 years as Sponsor of the Olympic Committee and the Brazilian volleyball team.
With the announcement of the city to host the Olympics Games 2016, the brand knew several other companies from different segment were going to try to bring the event to themselves, even if they had a small or none involvement with Olympic sports. It was necessary to own the event before the other contestants and with impact.
The Strategy:
A simple idea, a simple job and a complex execution. The strength of the idea was in the moment of the delivery. It was essential the package was delivered as soon as Rio de Janeiro announced the winner. That’s why the main strategy for the execution of the action was to know exactly where the chosen people were and guarantee they could receive the package at the moment of the announcement in Copenhagen. We choose personalities with strength and credibility to pass the message on.