The Projects - Organise Your Research

Coloribus Research Project is an entity to which all the results of your Coloribus activities stick to and united around to be reviewed and/or worked through. Those are searches, viewed commercials, your notes and discussions with invited collaborators, who are also able to contribute.

The Research Project Page

Research Project Navigation

Navigate through and manage your discussions, collections, saved searches and review the history.

Use the drop-down to switch the current project, to add the new one or to move to the projects management.

Click the name of the current project on the left to move to the current project page.

Adding a new Project

You may invite teammates to watch your project and participate in discussions you open - just input an email of person you want to invite.

Teammates belonging to your Business Account are able to contribute to collections and open discussions themselves.

Managing Research Projects

Managing particular project from your projects list.

Archive the projects you need no more.

The Project Owner change

Project Owner is the one who is able to manage the project and the project team. You may pass an ownership of your project to a teammate.