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Adidas Originals X Alexander Wang

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Отрасль Спортивная одежда, Обувь и Аксессуары
Медиа Эмбиент, Диджитал, Кейсы
Рынок США
Агенство Johannes Leonardo
Creative Director Ferdinando Verderi
Copywriter Maclean Jackson, Mark Svatz
Выпущено октября 2016


Cannes Lions 2017
Media Campaign: Use of Integrated Media Bronze Lion

Кредитсы и описание

Title: Adidas Originals X Alexander Wang
Agency: Johannes Leonardo
Brand: Adidas Originals
Country: USA
Entrant Company: Johannes Leonardo, New York
Advertising Agency: Johannes Leonardo, New York
Pr Agency: Johannes Leonardo, New York
Production Company: Clm Uk, London / The 88, New York / Baby Panther, New York / Pony Projects, New York / Sup, New York
Additional Company: Alexander Wang, New York
Partner, Creative Director: Ferdinando Verderi (Johannes Leonardo)
Copywriter: Maclean Jackson (Johannes Leonardo)
Copywriter: Mark Svatz (Johannes Leonardo)
Design Director: Annie Sterenberg (Johannes Leonardo)
Senior Designer: Olga Okun (Johannes Leonardo)
Group Account Director: Sam Mccallum (Johannes Leonardo)
Head Of Print: Maria Perez (Johannes Leonardo)
Account Supervisor: Gulru Soylu (Johannes Leonardo)
Strategist: Miné Cakmak (Johannes Leonardo)
Lead Producer: Wei-Li Wang (Johannes Leonardo)
Senior Producer Photo: Sara Mouyazanni (Johannes Leonardo)
Senior Producer, Event: Lorna-Rose Simpson (Johannes Leonardo)
Senior Producer, Film: Andrea Leminske (Johannes Leonardo)
In a market flooded with new exclusive collaborations every day, the adidas Originals and Alexander Wang collection is considered the most effective collaboration launch in adidas Originals history.The launch earned over 3 billion media impressions globally, with zero paid media. Coverage was featured in over 150 key international media titles, from Fast Company to Vogue. It generated 131 million impressions on Twitter and 2 million Instagram engagements, with zero paid social media. And the first collection sold out on the first day in New York, Japan, and Tokyo, with zero retail stores.The brand that invented collaborations as a way to enhance its own heritage, reinvented them as a way to challenge it.
Campaign Description:
Whenever a new fashion collection drops, brands will do everything they can to keep the black market of resellers and bootleggers out. But when Alexander Wang’s flipped the legendary adidas trefoil upside down for his collaboration with adidas Originals, we realized that doing things completely wrong sometimes is the right thing to do.The collection inspired an equally subversive launch campaign. Instead of seeing the black market as a threat, we adopted their tactics as a blueprint for our launch campaign.As opposed to selling the clothes in stores, consumers had to track a pop-up truck and buy the clothes straight out of trash bags. We staged a black market in the face of the fashion establishment during the industry most important moment: New York Fashion Week.
The target audience was the hyper connected, savvy consumer who is equally moved by high fashion as they are streetwear. They have heard and seen it all, from runway spectacles to retail experiences.Inspired by Alexander Wang’s subversive act of placing the adidas logo upside down, we distilled a creative strategy that we articled as “Strictly Wrong.” Strictly Wrong is about deliberately subverting all the rules of fashion collaborations.Reflecting the copyright infringement that the upside down logo implies, the story of the campaign was built around the legal angle. The launch brought to life the Strictly Wrong strategy in every single expression, challenging the established model of fashion collaboration launches at each point. Instead of elevating the distribution to luxury stores, we lowered it to street level sales.It was one of the most talked about experiences of New York fashion week, all with zero paid media.
We made the black market the centerpiece of fashion’s biggest stage: New York Fashion Week.Two weeks before the event, we began teasing the collaboration with cryptic clues around the city, including posters that revealed confidential legal information behind the partnership.Then we hijacked Alexander Wang’s runway show with a film that made sense of all the previous clues. Models stormed the catwalk by surprise, debuting the collection. But the public couldn’t just buy the collection in any store. They had to call an ambiguous phone number for a pre-recorded message with times and locations.Crowds lined up for hours not knowing what to expect. In each location, a truck showed up for an hour, selling the collection out of trash bags, staging a black market in the face of fashion’s establishment. We then brought the trucks to huge crowds in both Tokyo and Japan.
The fashion market is flooded with brand collaborations. But for their new collaboration launch, adidas Originals and Alexander Wang turned fashion collaborations upside down.Instead of Wang honoring adidas’ precious heritage, he broke every rule in their brand book, flipping the iconic trefoil upside down and turning the trademark three stripes inside out.The collection inspired an equally subversive launch campaign: we staged a black market in the face of the fashion establishment disrupting the industry’s most important moment, New York Fashion Week. Clothes weren’t sold in stores, but wrapped in trash bags and distributed through a pop-up truck.
How does the brand who invented fashion collaborations, reinvent fashion collaborations?Commonly, mass market brands borrow the aura of high fashion names to propel their status. But when the “enfant terrible” of fashion, Alexander Wang, partnered with adidas Originals, we did the opposite and swapped the paradigms of fashion collaborations.Instead of honoring the precious adidas heritage, Wang completely disrupted it, literally upsetting every legal rule in the brand book. It all started by doing the unthinkable: flipping the legendary Originals trefoil upside down, and turning the trademark three stripes inside out. Instead of displaying the beauty of the collection with the launch campaign, it endorsed the discomfort of the legalities behind it. Instead of elevating the brand’s aura to the luxury space with a prestigious announcement, it brought it to the streets by staging a proper black market in secret locations, selling the collection from garbage bags.