Panasonic Наружная реклама, Диджитал Misheard Font Hakuhodo Tokyo

Misheard Font

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Отрасль Здравоохранение и фармацевтическая продукция
Медиа Эмбиент, Диджитал
Рынок Япония
Агенство Hakuhodo Tokyo
Продакшен агенство AOI Pro.
Выпущено октября 2016


Ad Stars 2017
Integrated Product & Service: Electronics / It/ Office Equipments / Home Electronics & Audio-visual / Business Equipment & Services Crystal
Print Product & Service: Electronics / It/ Office Equipments / Home Electronics & Audio-visual / Business Equipment & Services Crystal

Кредитсы и описание

Title: Misheard Font
Agency: Hakuhodo Inc.
Brand: Panasonic
Country: Japan
Entrant Company: Hakuhodo Inc., Tokyo
Advertising Agency: Hakuhodo Inc., Tokyo
Media Agency: Hakuhodo Inc., Tokyo
Pr Agency: Material, Tokyo
Production Company: Aoi Pro., Tokyo / Creators Group Mac, Tokyo / Aid-Dcc, Osaka
Executive Creative Director: Ishii Kan (Hakuhodo Inc.)
Executive Creative Director: Kaneno Yu (Panasonic)
Creative Director: Miura Tatsuro (Hakuhodo Inc.)
Creative Director: Masaki Tatsuya (Panasonic)
Planner: Kamijo Keitaro (Hakuhodo Inc.)
Art Director: Koyama Shuichiro (Hakuhodo Inc.)
Copywriter: Akeda Shun (Hakuhodo Inc.)
Planner: Aonuma Katsuya (Hakuhodo Inc.)
Planner: Ishibashi Tomoya (Hakuhodo Inc.)
Account Director: Fujioka Takashi (Hakuhodo Inc.)
Account Supervisor: Toyonaga Atsunobu (Hakuhodo Inc.)
Planner: Muraishi Kentaro (Freelancer)
Designer: Onodera Shohei (Freelancer)
Producer: Matsumoto Kojiro (Aid-Dcc Inc.)
Engineer: Ashikawa Yoshizumi (Aid-Dcc Inc.)
Developer: Kajiyashiki Yoshiaki (Aid-Dcc Inc.)
System Engineer: Goto Nobutoshi (Aid-Dcc Inc.)
Motion Designer: Itani Madoka (Aid-Dcc Inc.)
Sound Advisor: Matsuo Kenjiro (Invisible Designs Lab.)
Designer: Nakatani Takeshi (Creators Group Mac)
Designer: Shimada Tadanobu (Creators Group Mac)
Designer: Omura Kazuro (K-omura Creative Studio)
Producer: Hisamatsu Mana (Aoi Pro. Inc.)
Production Manager: Miyazaki Sayo (Aoi Pro. Inc.)
Director: Kuroyanagi Katsuki (Aoi Pro. Inc.)
Editor: Harada Takeaki (Aoi Pro. Inc.)
Editor: Kawada Shoichi (Aoi Pro. Inc.)
Pr Director: Iwamoto Saki (Material Inc.)
Account Executive: Aosaki So (Material Inc.)
Account Executive: Nishino Yukiko (Material Inc.)
Brief with projected outcomes:
Advertisement using the superlative expressions such as “best in the world” is prohibited. Also, expressions that guarantees effects or safety of using products are not allowed.
The half of people over 65 develop some hearing loss because some consonants become inaudible biologically. Although modern hearing aids are excellent, they cannot make hearing fully normal.Hearing difficulty is very personal, subjective and of course invisible. Therefore, younger generation is not interested in this important issue.
Media Strategy:
We developed a language analysis AI based on several scientific researches and knowledge Panasonic Hearing Instruments has. (e.g. Frequency of Sounds, Similarity of Sounds, Accent Placement) This AI analyzed the most commonly used Japanese dictionary and found 428 pairs of sounds that are often misheard out of over 31 billion of combinations.For each of the sounds, we designed MISHEARD FONT to create contextual ads for education.For example,Subway station ads: Misheard station namesMagazine for housewives: Misheard ingredientsNewspaper for business people: Misheard boarding time on a business tripFacebook ads appears during business hours: Misheard appointment timeWe also made an online dictionary to let people search for misheard words in any occasion.
Only limited number of people had paid attention to the problems in hearing. We created contextual ads that features misheard words closely related to specific occasions to educate about the problem (e.g. Two misheard station names on subway station ads).
First, we analyzed the data of Japanese dictionary and made a list of every possible misheard combinations. Next, by designing a font that visualize misheard, we launched a contextual ads for education made specially for each locations and people.
Campaign Description:
MISHEARD FONT developed by Language Analysis AI.The font combines two sounds frequently misheard. It can be read in two ways, and educates people about what it is like to hear when they get old.
Right after the launch, MISHEARD FONT has expanded to a social movement. Airline companies, tourist spots, radio stations,and nursing homes started a training to avoid mishearing.Before the campaign, only limited number of people had paid attention to the problems in hearing. But MISHEARD FONT changed the social mood and, the problem has spread to the outside of a hearing instruments industries.Presence of Panasonic Hearing Instruments has been increased.