Hungry Garages [image] 6 TBWA\ Buenos Aires для McDonald's

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Hungry Garages [image] 6

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Отрасль Фаст-фуды
Медиа Эмбиент
Рынок Аргентина
Агенство TBWA\ Buenos Aires
Chief Creative Officer Pablo Poncini
Executive Creative Director Guillermo Castaneda, Juan Cruz Bazterrica
Creative Guido Barna, Martin Alfred
Продакшен агенство Greenplanning & Entera
Director Fede Burgos
Выпущено мая 2017

Кредитсы и описание

Category: Food
Media: Outdoor
Brand: McDonald's
Agency: TBWA
Geo: Argentina
Advertising Agency: TBWA\ Buenos Aires, Argentina
Chief Creative Officer: Pablo Poncini
Exectuive Creative Directors: Juan Cruz Bazterrica, Guillermo Castañeda
Creative Team: Martin Alfred, Guido Barna
Street Artists: Alan Berry Rhys, Jose Saccone, Agustín Dlucious, Lucas Lasnier, Mariela Ajras
Production House: Greenplanning & Entera
Director: Fede Burgos
Photo: Kinobovio
Media Agency: OMD
Digital Agency: Tribal
Published: May 2017
Description: We selected homes with car garages located no more than 300 meters from a McDonald's with a Drive-Thru. Then we asked a group of famous street artists from Argentina to paint the facades of the houses, turning them into faces, with the only requirement that the doors of the garages would become large mouths. Finally they painted the concept of the campaign "don’t go home hungry."
"Don't go home hungry."