The Hello Bench Publicis Italy для Nescafe

The Hello Bench

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Отрасль Кофе, Чай, Горячий шоколад
Медиа Эмбиент
Рынок Италия
Агенство Publicis Italy
Executive Creative Director Bruno Bertelli
Creative Director Tom Berth, Alessandro Candito, Cristiana Boccassini, Geert De Rocker, Paolo Bartalucci
Art Director Alessandro Candito, Maxime Damo
Copywriter Paolo Bartalucci, Lina Akbarzadeh
Digital Creative Director Martino Lapini, Azeglio Bozzardi
Продакшен агенство H+
Director Rob Martin Murphy
Выпущено апреля 2017

Кредитсы и описание

Creating new relationships it's harder than you think, even when you are in the midst of hundreds of thousands of people. To do so, you need a spark, a new opportunity and, of course, a red mug. That's exactly what we did with The Nescafe Hello Bench during the Salone del Mobile in Milan: a bench that gets shorter when two people sit on it. Two sensors activate the bench and let two strangers get closer: an unexpected way to break the ice and start a conversation/connection. Once again, new connections are born with Nescafe.
Agency: Publicis, Italy
Media: Outdoor
Category: Drinks, non-alcoholic
Client: nescafé Italia
Agency: Publicis Italia
Production: H+
Director: Murphy
Executive Creative Director: Bruno Bertelli
Creative Director: Cristiana Boccassini
Art Director: Alessandro Candito
Copywriter: Paolo Bartalucci
Account Director: Florence De Lophem
Agency Producer: Matilde Bonanni
Art Director: Alessandro Candito, Maxime Damo
Copywriter: Lina Akbarzadeh, Paolo Bartalucci
Creative Directors: Alessandro Candito, Paolo Bartalucci, Geert De Rocker, Tom Berth
Digital Creative Director: Azeglio Bozzardi, Martino Lapini
Account Team: Barbara Pusca,  Filippo D’Andrea, Florence De Lophem e Roberta Scotti 
Social Media Team: Diletta Sala e Arya Alfieri
Strategic Planner: Guglielmo Pezzino
Tv producer: Luana Strafile e Matilde Bonanni
Production company: H+
Executive Producer: Stella Orsini
Directors and editors: Murphy
Centro Media: MediaCom
Marketing Manager: Matteo Cattaneo