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#Postwisely [image] 4

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Отрасль Телекоммуникационные услуги
Медиа Кейсы
Рынок Объединенные Арабские Эмираты
Агенство Leo Burnett Dubai
Regional Executive Creative Director Andre Nassar
Chief Creative Officer Bechara Mouzannar
Associate Creative Director Raed Bou Hamdan
Creative Director John Smeddle, Rafael Augusto
Art Director Andre Nassar, Rafael Augusto, Bruno Bomediano, Roger Possato, Roger Possato, Mohannad Awameh
Copywriter John Smeddle, Rami Boraie, Shadi Khermasho
Продакшен агенство Stink
Director Tom Green
Выпущено октября 2016


Dubai Lynx 2017
Mobile Technology: Activation by Location or Proximity Silver

Кредитсы и описание

Client: Du (Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company)
Product: Telecommunication
Agency: Leo Burnett Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Entrant: Leo Burnett Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Product/Service: Telecommunication
Idea Creation: Leo Burnett Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Media Placement: Starcom Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Pr: Msl Group Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Production: Stink London, United Kingdom
Chief Creative Officer: Bechara Mouzannar (Leo Burnett)
Regional Executive Creative Director: André Nassar (Leo Burnett Dubai)
Creative Director: Rafael Augusto / John Smeddle (Leo Burnett Dubai)
Art Director: André Nassar / Rafael Augusto / Mohannad Awameh / Bruno Bomediano / Roger Possatto (Leo Burnett Dubai)
Copywriter: John Smeddle / Shadi Khermasho / Rami Boraie (Leo Burnett Dubai)
Communication Servicing Director: Haytham Dayeh (Leo Burnett Dubai)
Senior Account Manager: Amir M. Zeitouni (Leo Burnett Dubai)
Account Executive: Mahmoud Jaber (Leo Burnett Dubai)
Planner: Amir M. Zeitouni (Leo Burnett Dubai)
Digital Communication Director: Danielle Slim (Leo Burnett Dubai)
Digital Account Manager: Karim Mroueh (Leo Burnett Dubai)
Head of Production: Shereen Mostafa (Leo Burnett Dubai)
Producer: Zeina Daoud / Elham Abi Rached (Leo Burnett Dubai)
Post Producer: Dan Newton / Ralph Matar (Leo Burnett Dubai)
Director: Tom Green (Stink Uk)
Production House: Stink Uk (Stink Uk)
Producer: Debbie Ninnis (Leo Burnett Dubai)
Post Production house: Ninteen Twenty London & Lizard Cairo (Ninteen Twenty London & Lizard Cairo)
Sound: Factory (Factory)
Senior Media Executive: Nivritti Ashok (Starcom)
Associate Director: Raed Bou Hamdan (Starcom)
Media Executive: Don-Jason Tungol (Starcom)
Performance Manager: Feras Hamtini (Starcom)
Performance Executive: Rabah Malas (Starcom)
Director: Samer Mazjoub (Starcom)
Client Managing Director: Christopher Sparks (Starcom)
Director Corporate Communications Projects & Sustainability Commercial: Humaida Alkhalsan (du (Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company))
Executive Vp Brand and Communications: Hala Badri (du (Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company))
The Campaign:
Post Wisely: It’s your life, until you share it.
Everything is yours, until you share it. The second you share something you lose control over it and it is now public knowledge. From there on, the person can use that information against you. From valuable purchases, to your loved ones, everything can be an arsenal to the right criminal.
Creative Execution:
The content was created to have the look and feel that looks like a movie, it feels like a trailer. It was done this way to make sure people consume the content the same way they would a movie or a TV show.
The film reveals someone thinking out loud. They are talking to themselves, or at least so it seems. It’s a one-sided conversation with all answers and responses growing in intensity. It is only once we are close enough we reveal that they are scrolling through someone’s social media feed.
Total website Traffic over 2 months – 223K
Ad Tracker Diagnostics
The campaign surpassed benchmarks across relevance, differentiation, believability and stirring emotions
YouTube Brand Lift Study
Youtube Views – 4.6 M
19.7% lift in Ad Recall (Best in Class)
7.9% lift in Brand Awareness (Best in Class)
52.2% lift in Brand Interest
Overall Performance
Overall Video Completion Rate – 2x the average benchmark
YouTube View Rate – 1.5x the average benchmark
Facebook Engagement Rate – 2.2x the average benchmark
Instagram Engagement Rate – 1.3 x the average benchmark
Twitter Engagement Rate – 6.8 x the average benchmark
Snapchat Views – 63K, Uses – 913, Conversion rate – 1.4% ( One of the 1st few brands to launch snapchat in the region)
59.7 Million Impression
14.4 Million devices reached
2.5 Million AED earned PR value (Estimated 51% of UAE’s Population reached)
Government personalities and 32 influencers activists lend their voices to #postwisely
44% of Surveyed people changed their Behaviour.
We never truly know who we are talking to online. We needed to make sure that people are also seeing our content where and when they are most likely to overshare. By strategic targeting and social listening, we made sure our films and content are constantly visible.