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Zero Queue By Nissan France [image]

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Отрасль Автомобили
Медиа Кейсы
Рынок Франция
Агенство DigitasLBi
Creative Director Patrick Dacquin
Art Director Walid Gouyel
Copywriter Samy Martinez
Выпущено апреля 2016


Cristal Awards 2016
Promo & Direct Client acquisition Sapphire (Silver)
Outdoor Interactive Outdoor Experience Sapphire (Silver)
Corporate & PR Automotive / Motorbike / Transport Emerald (Bronze)
Corporate & PR Environmental Emerald (Bronze)

Кредитсы и описание

Agency: Digitaslbi France Paris, France
Client: Nissan France
Product: Nissan Leaf
Entrant: Digitaslbi France Paris, France
Title: Zero Queue By Nissan France
Product/Service: Nissan Leaf
Idea Creation: Digitaslbi France Paris, France
Pr: Digitaslbi France Paris, France
Creative Director: Patrick Dacquin (DigitasLBi)
Copywriter: Samy Martinez (DigitasLBi)
Art Director: Walid Gouyel (DigitasLBi)
Film Director(s): David Sultan (DigitasLBi)
Film Director(s): Valentin Tesson (DigitasLBi)
Production Company Producer: Julien Imperatrice (DigitasLBi)
Account Manager: Julie Deshayes (DigitasLBi)
Social Media Director: Didier Rogere (DigitasLBi)
Senior Account Director: Stephane Le Flohic (DigitasLBi)
The Campaign
Knowing that a test drive is a unique opportunity to convert drivers to electric cars, Nissan took advantage of a difficult situation to provide drivers with a unique brand experience.
While queuing for gas, prospects around Paris were offered the opportunity to experience a test drive in a Nissan Leaf (electric car). And during the test drive, Nissan staff replaced them in the queue before giving back the car with a tank filled.
Last but not least, a video has been shot during this guerilla marketing activation to extend its reach on social networks and traditional media.
This activation was a proactive project from the agency based on the complicated situation at that time in France. Following a positive feedback from Nissan on May 25th , we involved all the different stakeholders in a very short notice and the first test drives occurred the day after near Paris.
Only 27 hours have been necessary between the idea submission, the implementation, the filming and the post of the video case on social networks.
This activation generated more than hundred posts/articles on social networks, media and blogs. Last but not least, Nissan has been contacted by the biggest TV network in France (TF1) in order to film this initiative and interview the Nissan France CEO. This was broadcasted the day after the implementation during the evening news, resulting in a fantastic reach and visibility for this tactical activation and the Nissan electric offer.
Even if it is difficult to demonstrate a link with this initiative, Nissan France observed an increase of the electric test drives requests and visits at the Nissan dealers the weeks after.
The Situation
Thanks to this tactical activation, Nissan France managed to take advantage of a critical situation in France to leverage its electric offer, as an alternative to traditional cars.
Nissan France provided the core target and the media with a positive and right message at the right moment, in order to raise the awareness and benefits of the Nissan electric cars.
The Strategy
Nissan electric targets all the car drivers who are willing to change the way they commute in large cities, while respecting the environment.
By implementing this tactical activation, Nissan electric managed to trigger interests among car drivers in urban areas. This very positive message reinforced the functional link with the brand (i.e. an electric car running without gas) together with the emotional link (human centric approach with a brand that cares about me).