Panasonic Дизайн и брэндинг Vegeloop Daiko Tokyo


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Отрасль Электроника и бытовая техника
Медиа Дизайн и брэндинг
Рынок Япония
Агенство Daiko Tokyo
Executive Creative Director Yu Kaneno
Creative Director Takahiro Kishi
Art Director Kazunori Kitayama
Copywriter Yuko Hatakeyama
Выпущено декабря 2016



Кредитсы и описание

Brand: Panasonic Composter
Agency: Daiko
Vegetables are being seriously damaged by extreme weather. 40% of all harvested veggies are directly discarded without being consumed. Many people do not know about this. Panasonic create awareness and understanding for these poor apparently useless vegetables and promote sustainable food life with the composting technology.
Brand: Panasonic Composter
Corporate Name of Client: Panasonic Corporation Tokyo
PR Company:, Tokyo
Agency Planners: Ryuji Hamad/Jin Asakawa/Ryosuke Sakuma
Planners: Hiroki Tanaka/Ami Kuroda
Agency: Daiko Advertising Inc., Tokyo
Executive Creative Director: Yu Kaneno
Creative Director: Takahiro Kishi
Copywriter: Yuko Hatakeyama
Art Director: Kazunori Kitayama
Production Manager: Komaki Koike
Producer: Kenichi Shimada
Director: Futoshi Takashima
Lighting: Yasuhiro Oote/Yusuke Izumi
Set Designer: Etsuko Akiba
Editor: Jo kobayashi
Design Company: Daiko Ones Inc., Tokyo
Designer: Shinichi Hiraoka, SHY Studio
Photographers: Eiji Yamanishi/Sakamoto Kensuke
Illustration Companies: TYO Inc., Tokyo/dwarf division, Tokyo
Illustrator: Shuhei Harada
Web Producer: Naohiro Kitagawa
Web Designer: Naoki Nakagawa
Web Art Director: Toru Obara
Web Front Engineer: Yuhei Nakayama
Web Project Manager: Tatsuya Ishikawa
Agriculture Producer: Kai Yodoshi
Paper Crafter: Megumi Iwata
Music: Takao Ogi
Vegetables are being seriously damaged by extreme weather. Can we create awareness for these poor, apparently useless vegetables? Vegeloop is a vegetable growing kit that turns trashed veggies into fresh veggies.
First, convert the trashed veggies into compost with the Panasonic composter. Wrap up the compost with fresh vegetable seeds in a piece of water-soluble paper printed with eco-friendly soy-ink. Each package is designed to look like a trashed vegetable. To start cultivation, water Vegeloop and it dissolves into soil. The same veggies as the trashed veggies will grow.
Vegeloop was distributed at vegetable shops and farmers markets. In addition, it was also used as an educational tool for kids. Vegeloop attracted significant attention across TV and the internet, receiving a lot of positive feedback. It created awareness around trashed veggies and planted the seed of recycling in people’s minds.