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How To Break Up With Your Ford Ranger

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Отрасль Грузовые автомобили, фургоны и пикапы
Медиа Директ
Рынок Новая Зеландия
Агенство J. Walter Thompson Auckland
Executive Creative Director Justin Barnes
Art Director Nick Houghton
Copywriter Rafi Stone
Designer Glenn Chapman, Nicola Yuen
Выпущено декабря 2017

Кредитсы и описание

Media: Direct Marketing
Title: Ford Ranger How To Break Up With Your Ford Ranger
Category: Automotive
Client: Ford Motor Company of New Zealand
Agency: J. Walter Thompson Auckland
Country: New Zealand
Campaign file: Download campaign file
Executive Creative Director: Justin Barnes
Art Director: Nick Houghton
Copywriter: Rafi Stone
Illustrator: Sasha Fowler
Designer: Glenn Chapman
Designer: Nicola Yuen
Ford Ranger direct mailer.
Ford of New Zealand wanted to encourage existing Ranger owners to upgrade to a brand new, top-of-the-line Ranger Wildtrak. Problem is, in New Zealand Ford Ranger owners are fiercely loyal to their old trucks, so convincing them to say goodbye to their beloved old Ranger is a really tough ask.
Our solution was to create a tongue-in-cheek Ford Ranger breaking-up kit. This instructional book was filled with helpful advice, support and a money-off voucher to help the Ranger owner deal with the emotional trauma of separation. The last page even featured a built-in box of tissues, to help mop up the final tears of sadness.