Scarf, 2 Milk Gothenburg для Ultramare

Scarf, 2

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Отрасль Товары для дома и домашних животных
Медиа Директ
Рынок Швеция
Агенство Milk Gothenburg
Art Director Kristofer Salsborn
Copywriter Anders Malm
Photographer Dino Soldin
Выпущено февраля 2017

Кредитсы и описание

Category: Industrial, Agriculture
Media: Direct
Brand: Ultramare
Agency: Milk
Geo: Sweden
Advertising Agency: Milk, Gothnburg, Sweden
Art Director: Kristofer Salsborn
Copywriter: Anders Malm
Photographer: Dino Soldin
Published: February 2017
Description: In Sweden reported incidents of the flu spike in February. The air filter company Ultramare launched a scarf lined with the same filter they sell to hospitals to prevent people from coming down with a cold, and spark a conversation about the need for clean air.
The scarf filters the air you breathe and protects you from airborne germs while you’re shopping for chicken soup, commuting to work or picking up your kids from daycare. All the while keeping your Scandinavian sense of style.