30.000 km Momentum Sao Paulo для Nissan

30.000 km

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Отрасль Автомобили
Медиа Диджитал, Кейсы
Рынок Бразилия
Агенство Momentum Sao Paulo
Creative Director Andre Pedroso
Art Director Carlos Valle, Filipe Loureiro
Выпущено июня 2016


Wave Festival 2017
Branded Content Live Experience Ouro

Кредитсы и описание

Título: 30.000 km
Diretor de criação: André Pedroso
Redator:: Frederico da Mata
Outros créditos: Rodrigo Ferreira, Rodrigo Coelho
Diretor de Arte/Art Director: Carlos Valle, Filipe Loureiro
Sinopse: Uma ação que transformou presença de marca em conversão de vendas. A marca Nissan transformou a caravana da tocha olímpica em uma grnde plataforma de ativaçã para lançar o Nissan Kicks. O projeto foi dividido em 2 fases: o recrutamento e o revezamento da tocha. No recrutamento, foram escolhidos brasileiros com histórias inspiradoras que gostariam de conduzir a tocha olímpica. No revezamento o tour percorreu 30mil quilometros. Foram 328 cidades em 100 dias. Todas as concessionárias foram envolvidas promovendo experiências com o carro, promoções de vendas e outras plataformas comerciais. O resultado: Nissan Kicks 4o lugar em vendas.
Diretor de Arte: Carlos Valle, Filipe Loureiro
An initiative that turned brand presence into sales conversion.
Nissan transformed the Olympic torch relay caravan into a major platform to
launch Nissan Kicks.
The Olympic torch relay caravan turned into a major platform to launch Nissan
Kicks, covering 19,000 miles.
The project was separated into 2 stages: recruitment and torch relay
For a whole year during the recruitment stage, five production teams scoured
the country in search of Brazilians with inspiring stories who wanted to carry
the Olympic torch.
These stories were featured at Nissan’s digital hub, social networks,
magazines, and also in SPORTV – the main sports TV channel in the country.
During the relay event, the car became the biggest element of entertainment
in a tour through 328 cities in 100 days, transporting the percussion ensemble
Patubate and Carlinhos Brown – one of the most respective musicians in Brazil.
All instruments used by the ensemble were made out of Nissan car parts.
During the action, all dealerships across the country promoted experiences
with the car, sales promotions, and other sales platforms that ultimately
leveraged the product to the status of 4th top selling car.
8,102,915 views online
65 million people impacted
More than 137 million BRL in earned media
Nissan Kicks was number 4 in sales