Timeless love Admine для Noynoy

Timeless love

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Отрасль Молоко
Медиа Диджитал, Кейсы
Рынок Греция
Агенство Admine
Executive Creative Director Franceska Galafti
Art Director Lila Diavati
Copywriter Franceska Galafti
Выпущено марта 2017

Кредитсы и описание

Category: Food
Media: Digital
Agency: Admine
Geo: Greece
Advertising Agency: Admine, Greece
Executive Creative Director: Franceska Galafti
Art Director: Lila Diavati
Copywriter: Franceska Galafti
Head of Motion: George Eleftheroglou
Planning Director: Tilemachos Mavrakis
Account Director: Maria Foundou
Account Executive: Danae Athanasopoulou
Head of Media: Michalis Adaktylos
Digital Media Manager: Dimitris Katsioulas
Published: March 2017
Description: For those who grew up in Greece, NOYNOY evaporated milk is their childhood favourite. While everybody in Greece knows and loves NOYNOY, it seems that in the last years they have stopped believing in its value proposition. Our challenge was to smartly convey the message “what is worthy, stands the test of time” in YouTube environment. Instead of forcefully interrupting the user's experience, we thought of incorporating the message into it, linking NOYNOY evaporated milk with all-time classic song we all love and appreciate more over time. By volume searches of all-time classic songs/artists we have created custom, special targeted preroll videos for each one of them.