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Отрасль Обувь
Медиа ТВ и Кино, Диджитал
Рынок Нидерланды
Продакшен агенство Miniac Films
Director John C. Pina
Выпущено апреля 2017

Кредитсы и описание

Client: adidas
Marketing: Stephane Viarnaud

Advertising Agency: adidas Brand Design
Global Brand Design Creative Director//Amsterdam: Nick Cline
Agency Producer: Eleanor Fitzgerald

Production Company: Miniac Films
Director: John C. Pina
Executive Producer: Stephen Roesler
Producer: Rogers Marquess
DP: Joshua James Richards
Editor: Eric Greenburg
Original Score: Junkie XL & Christian Vorläender
Sound Design and Mix: Zach Goheen @ Vaudeville
Color: Paul Yacono @ a52
VFX: Flavor
Published: April 2017
Description: To launch the emergent FUTURECRAFT 4D, adidas Brand Design partnered with Miniac Films to create a film that harnesses the spirit of unyielding innovation and discovery in their quest to produce a hyper-personalized running shoe. With striking visuals that usher in a sense of rising from the confines of the imagination, “FUTURECRAFT,” is a cinematic and artful look at what feels like it should be impossible in the moment.