Clay Dolls McCANN WORLDGROUP Shanghai для Coca-cola

Clay Dolls

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Отрасль Энергетические напитки, лимонады, холодный чай
Медиа ТВ и Кино, Диджитал
Рынок Китай
Агенство McCANN WORLDGROUP Shanghai
Chief Creative Officer Tomaz Mok
Executive Creative Director Jeremy Guo
Creative Director Hesky Lu
Продакшен агенство Animal Factory Films
Director Augusto De Fraga
Выпущено октября 2016


Film Craft Lotus Animation (In-Camera Or Digital) Bronze

Кредитсы и описание

Company Entering: Mpc Shanghai, Shanghai
Brand: Coca-Cola
Advertiser: Coca-Cola
Agency: Mccann Worldgroup Shanghai, Shanghai
Chief Creative Officer: Tomaz Mok
Executive Creative Director: Jeremy Guo
Creative Director: Hesky Lu
Computer Artist: Ember Chen
Account Director: Cia Hatzi
Account Manager: Felicia How
Account Executive: Sophia Guo
Agency Producer: Alison Lin
Film Production Company: Animal Factory Films, Shanghai
Director: Augusto De Fraga
D.O.P/Cinematographer: Sergi Gallardo
Executive Producer: Paddy Xu
Film Producer: Hui Liu
Post-Production Company: Mpc, Shanghai
Editor: Marcos Castiel
Colorist: Vincent Taylor
Flame Artist: Barry Greaves
Post Producer: Lily Li
Special Effects Company: Mpc, Shanghai
Visual Effects: Barry Greaves/Christian Kalata
Animator: Alex Kok/Earn Lee/Sean Baptist
Special Effects Producer: Lily Li
Sound Production Company: Tzzj Midea, Shanghai
English Synopsis:
During The Most Auspicious Of Holidays. Coca Cola Employed The Use Of Afu And Ajiao (The 2 Clay Dolls) Traditional Icons Synonymous With Chinese New Year Festivities In There Commercial. The Characters Were Designed And Crafted Digitally By Mpc Shanghai. Their Mission In This Film Is To Build A Family For The Snowman And Underline The Importance Of Sticking Together At This Special Time Of The Year. Delivering A Playful And Warmhearted Adventure Fused With The Cultural Importance Of Family.
English Context Explanation:
• The Challenge Was That The Film Has Many Story Lines Going On, Family Togetherness, The Importance Of Food, The Snowman Emotion Coupled With The Adventure Of Bringing The Snowman Family Together, The Clay Dolls Themselves Along With The Brand Importance Of Coca Cola Being The Catalyst Of All. • Strong Use Of Colour Grade To Convey The Cold Loneliness Against The Warm Togetherness. • Modern Design And Aesthetic For Afu & Ajao Was The Brief Whilst Also Retaining The Traditional Characteristics The Audience Will Relate To. • Mpc Created Two Distinct Personalities, A Lovable Clumsy Boy Against The Reserved And Elegant Girl. Personas That Are Reflected In The Animation Perfromances. • Intergration Of Digital Elements, The Dolls, Coke Bottle And Interaction Effects Eg: Footprints And Atmospheric / Snow With The Live Action Environment.